Obituaries: Keith Tyers

Obituaries EMN-140228-120644001
Obituaries EMN-140228-120644001
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All Saints Church, Oakham, was filled to capacity for the Thanksgiving Service of Keith Tyers, of Tyne Road, Oakham, the Rev Canon Lee Francis-Dehqani officiating assisted by the Rev Brian Nicholls.

Kevin Slingsby was organist. Interment followed at Scraptoft natural burial ground.

Keith Tyers

Keith Tyers

Mr Tyers, a retired mechanical engineer and consultant, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 72.

Born in Leicester to Eric and Dorothy Tyers, he was educated at Kibworth Grammar School and Leicester College of Technology. He started work in the building trade and then moved to Sykes - Pickavant tools and tube distributors. More recently he worked for Grundfos pumps.

He met his future wife, Susan, as a teenager and they were married in 1965. They were looking forward to celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next year.

He was a member of the Lions Club of Rutland, Rutland Society of St George and Oakham Rugby Football Club. A recent highlight in his life was becoming president of the Rutland Society of St George.

When he was younger he played rugby for Aylestone St James RFC and Oakham RFC. He also had a keen interest in steam trains and aeroplanes and enjoyed being a member of the Royal Duke quiz team.

Bereaved are his widow Sue, daughter Georgie and son James.

Family mourners included: Sue Tyers (widow), Georgie Rockman, Andy Blamford, James and Evey Tyers, Pollyanna, Archie and Harry Rockman, Lucy and George Tyers, Joan and John Thornton, Janet and Mick Alcock, Sheila Flatt, Ian and Kate Copland, Eric and Mavis Tyers, Lynda Tyers, Carl and Julia Tyers, Pat and Marcus Tyers, John and Celia Thorpe, Michael Tyers and Denise, Holly Tyers, Charlotte and Rebecca Tyers, Sharon and Bruce, Caroline Aston, Gary Tyers, Robert and Margaret Skempton, Richard Rockman and Lizzie.

Sympathisers included: Margaret Wolley, Jill Welsh (representing Claire and Ian, Australia), Howard Bakewell, Janet Spencer (Keith Spencer, Audrey and Peter Bailey), Richard Hickson (Ayleston St James RFC), Dorothy Spencer, Paul Smith, David Thompson and Shirley Olley (Lions Club of Rutland), Andy and Jenny Brett; Roddy King, Des Jones, Barry Jones and Roger Cross (Jimmies), John and Gill Chapman, Viv, Tony and Lisa Howard (Russell Howard), Tim Norton (Geraldine Norton), Nicola Harries (Simon, Ben, Tom and Rachel Harries), Nick Johnson (316 Engineering), Chris Bichard, Bob and Joyce Lucas, Maureen Coe (Graham Coe).

George and Audrey Morley (Jo, Andrew and family), Mr and Mrs Roy and Olive Ainger, Alan and Ilona Baker, Stuart Garton, Gerry and Alison Burton (Rob Tooke, GB Welding), Christine Carlin (Collegiate friends), Ann Taylor, Jim and Barbara Burbidge, Connie Beadman (John Beadman), Chris and Mary Hatton, Pauline Morton, Maureen Corcoran (Joy Cant), Sharon Spencer (Nigel Spencer), Richard Coleby, FSMR), Frank and Marion Oliver, Jim Harrison, Peter and Janet Geary, Stuart Adamson (Linda Adamson), Allan and Babs Plumb (Nick and Wendy Plumb, Australia), Sarah and Adam Fisher, Tanya Hartle, Brian Rutherford, Vicky Warren and family, Roy Steemson, Vijay Dighe (Chhaya Dighe).

Jim and Janet Hughes, Bobby Twidale, Sally Imison, Vince Howard, Becky Ward, James and Marjorie Ward (George Ward and family, James Ward and family Susanna and Jason Sellars and family), Martin Longfoot (Tony Hanks (Morrisons Utilities), Valerie Rockman (David Rockman, Lesley Harris), John Freshwater (Kathryn), Tim Haward, Kate Saywood, Gordon Rolland (Julie Hargreaves), Toby Unna, Graham and Anne Kent, Jim and Solita Collins, Deborah Noakes (Michael), Pat Fitzgerald (Sandra), Richard and Pauline Adams, Chris Shepperd (Peter Harvey, Fraser Shepperd), Steve and Wendy Beanland (Oakham RFC), Keith and Barbara Crellin (family), James and Beverley Barratt, Derick and Sonjia Wilkins, Christine Spark, Amander Meader (Guy, Lexie, Tasha Meade), Graham Eagle, Daniel Polec and Nick Price (Grundfos), Christine Lutman (Carol Dalglish, Australia), Peter and Iris May, Paul and Fay Brook (Lions Club of Rutland), Roger Lancaster (Georgina Lancaster), Wendy Thompson, Richard Fillingham (Marnie Thompson-Fillingham), Charlie Broomfield, Alan Brown, Mark Mackinlay (family), Shane Reed, Richard and Jane Waddington, Judith and Keith Varnham, Bill and Elaine Hargreaves, Kate and Nigel Campion (Sylvia and Wayne Riddle, Texas), Fiona Richardson, Peter and Val Hems and Tim (Fred and Flo Evans), Jenny and David Holloway (Emma and Tony Cliff), Hilary Wren, Surinder (Su) and Chan (Thorpe Satchville), Pam Ward (Colin Ward) Keely Nixon, Sheila Smith, Rosemary Hubbard (Gordon, Carol, Tim, Amanda).

David Ramshaw (Lynne, Emily, Andrew and Jamie Ramshaw), Ruth Hardy, Daphne Berarey and Avril Derrick (Dawn Berarey-Smith and family), Henry and June Duffin, Joy Gregg (Gilmore family), Jackie Sellwood (Nigel Sellwood, Maureen Dodds), Barney Sturgess and family, Caroline Spark (Kenny), Michael Owers (Margaret Owers), Verney Wood, Vicky Abbott, Len Dentith, Alf and Della Dewis (George and Dot Hinman), Mavis Green, Jonathan and Lucy Unna (James, Daniel and Emma, Vikky and Richard, Stephanie and Rik, Jacon, Fiona), Chris and Angie Van Buul (family), Marguerite Munton, Janice Free (family), Alan and Lorna Grey, Mike Cropper (Heather Cropper, Paul Mills), Fred Stace, Denise Stace.

Gordon Duffin, Stephanie Goldby, Andrew Beeson, Joy Everitt (John Everitt, Oakham Festival), Paula Bell, Dorothy Birch, Chris Howard (Laurence Howard, Lord Lieutenant), Carol and Paul Beech, Noel and Penny Burford, Heike Bowers, Edna Taylor, Chris Wallis (Sheila Wallis), Judy Geer, Barry Morley, Jack and Anne Quinn, Mike and Brenda Saywood, Daphne and David Lovering, Anne and Brian Skevington (Rutland Society of St George, Mark Nicolls and Yvonne, John Hackett), Chris and Carolyn Jones, Roger Rowell (Ruth Rowell), Cath and Ian McKelvey (St Peter’s Church, Brooke), Barrie Pook, Roy and Ann Barnett, Bob Fisher (Judy Fisher), Derek and Daphne Eyers, Chris and Sandie Gamble, John Grimmer (Jennie Williams), John Reid (Renee Reid and family), Alan and Jeanne Kelly, Harold and Joan Killingback (Sheila Harrington), Stevie Jackson (Joe and Fred), Roy Gayton (Muriel Gayton), David and Beryl Kirtland, Rob, Linda and Tim Hutchins (Melanie and Neville Fuller, Sam Hutchins), Graham Longfoot, Zoe Davey (Paul Davey), Rebecca Falconer, Eddie and Yvonne Edwards, Julie and Richard Burke, Keith Fleming, Lisa Neale and Jan Benskin (Tom Neale, David Benskin), Les Wright, Val Cooke, Paula McKillop (Reid, Rowan and Jared McKillop), Roger Begy (Rutland County Council), Neil and Chris Dick (Diana Dick and Becky).