Obituaries: Mary Shepherd

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Mary Shepherd, of Beech Avenue, Bourne, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 70.

Born in Bourne on May 8, 1943 to Doris and William Osborne, Mary worked in Parker’s sweet shop where she met her future husband, Ken, who was based in Luffenham doing national service with the RAF. They married on March 19, 1966 at Bourne Abbey Church and had three sons Craig, Duncan and Andrew.

Mary worked for more than 25 years at Jessie Bellamy’s in Bourne, and was a well-known and much liked figure in Bourne. During the 70’s Mary was involved with Bourne Guides and also the Red Cross. She was the company secretary for the family haulage business. Mary was devoted to all her grandchildren and enjoyed spending time with them.

Widow of Ken, who died on August 6, 2012 after a short illness, she leaves her three sons and their families.

The funeral service was held at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev David Creasey officiating. Close friend Brenda Boothman wrote the eulogy, read by her husband Paul. All donations, in lieu of flowers, were made to Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Family mourners included: Craig and Clair Shepherd (representing James), Duncan and Jan Shepherd (Alex and Marianne), Andrew Shepherd, Daniel Shepherd, Margaret Osborne, Simon Osborne, Sarah and John Christie (Annabel, Robbie, Lucy), Marjory and Hugh Matheson (Edith Shepherd, Catriona Rawlinson and family, Fiona Dyke and family), Robert Shepherd (Faith Shepherd), Ian Shepherd (Barbara), Paul Shepherd (Amanda Shepherd), Amanda Hutson (Alastair Hutson and family), Sheila Shepherd, Andrea Bloor and Nick, Luke Shepperson, Hayley Buss, Ryan Bloor, Millie Searson.

Sympathisers: Doris Bee (John and Una Bee), Judy Joyce, Sally Haddow (Robert, Charles and Harriet Haddow, Stephanie Romaine), Sue Wood (Neuro Rehab Outreach), Michaela Chappel (Gordon and Daniel), Debra Preece (Tom and Nick Preece), Lesley Wade (Jack, David and Joe Wade), Hazel Greensmith (Gordon Greensmith), Janice Jesson (Phil Jesson and family), Edith Wesley (Keith Wesley), Jo Christmas (Jane), David Christmas, Lucy Taylor (Susan Green), Jean Galloway (Roland Galloway and family), Jean and John Popple (Andrew, Sharon and family), Bridget Johnson (Eileen Johnson), Isabel Fowler (Ted Fowler and family), Tonia Lunn-Fowler (Marcus, Zara Niamh Fowler), Mr and Mrs P Fitzjohn, Robert Boothman (Lesley Boothman), David Bower, Kay Bower (John Bower), Hazel and Paul Chambers (Philip and Joy Sherwin), David and Kath Baldwin (Andy Baldwin, Sue Sismey), Les and Angela Chambers, Jean and Joanne Day (John and Andrew Day), Roger and Jennifer Blackwood (Sigsworth), Richard and Judith Simpson (Caroline Penny, Robert Creasey, Mick Ayliff , Heather Ayliff), Bronwen Plumb (Bill, Graham, David Plumb), June Leclerc, Paul and Brenda Boothman (Ian and Elaine Peacock), David Boothman (Louise Boothman, Sarah and Chris Seller); Vanessa Cherryl, Jess Warburton and Steph Tarrier (Home Instead); Rosemary Sharkey (Gary Sharkey), Ian Sharkey (Bourne Head Rangers), Nora and Neville Timm , Valerie and George Hemsill, Liz Putterill (Helen Langman), Chris Bailey (Lisa Watson-Bailey), Sally and Alan Tabor, Keith Stoker (Libby and Bruce Stoker), George and Julia Johns (Bert Johns), Lorraine Cunningham and Spencer Bailey (Bailey family), Margaret Sismey (John Sismey), David and Dallas Redshaw (Jean Redshaw), Shirley Nicholson, Clare Ellis (Steve Ellis), Philip and Jenny Chapman ( Debbie and Kate), Sue and Mike Brudenell (Elaine and Stuart Wand, Joy Romaine, Richard and Julie Ivatt), Brian and Cathy Hebborn (Michelle and Roger North), Mark Shepperson, Johnathan Pickard.