Obituaries: Maureen Sinnott

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The funeral service for Maureen Sinnott, 66, of Broadlands Avenue, Bourne, took place at The Sacred Heart St Gilbert Catholic Church, Bourne.

She was the daughter of Jack and Ellie Marlowe and had worked as a home carer and at Boots the Chemist.

Bereaved are her widower John and children Sherel, Celine, Shaun and John.

Mourners included: John Sinnott, Sherel Searson, Celine Watson-Lamb, Shaun Sinnott, John Sinnott, grandchildren: Jonathan Watson-Lamb, Joe Searson, Ellie Searson.

Rod and Jayne Sinnott, Stephen and Paula Sinnott, Kaye Sinnott and Paul, Rupert Watson-Lamb, Emma Wakeling, Karl Searson, Rod and Jayne Sinnott, Martin Devanhey, Karen Timby, Angela Spencer, Keith Perkins, Carol Wright, Nikki Thompson, Urda family, Sue Cooke, Jane Townsend, Sarah Page, Jenny Daniels, N Dick, John and Marion Carnell, Simone Herrick, Janet Woodward, Mr and Mrs Doug Hall, Christine and Brian Batty, Paul Mullen, Avril Mooney, Hazel and Cliff Searson, Sheila Dickson, Jane Watson, Elaine Thompson, Kevin Sleight, Pat and Peter Kaufman, Liz Turner, Carol Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs Tim Harris, Mr and Mrs M Kowalczyk, Nicola Handley, Wayne Porter, Darren Green, Alex Neal, Tomasz Kwiczala, Pat Fensom, Nicola Squires, Mr and Mrs Ben Harris, Jonathan Kaufman, Jeffrey and Shirley Carnell, M Suckling and Hazel, Stacey Cooper, Colin and Jayne Channon, Tricia Stubley, Mick O’Rourke, Mr and Mrs O’Rouke, Angela Wood, Madalyn Gray.