Obituaries: Trevor Bainbridge

Trevor Bainbridge
Trevor Bainbridge
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Precision engineer Trevor Bainbridge, of Willoughby Road, Bourne, died at the age of 62.

He was the son of Mr C and Mrs E Bainbridge, and was educated at Rippingale CE Primary School, Bourne Secondary Modern School and Stamford College. He worked for Lahoma Engineers and had just received his 25 year service award.

He leaves his daughters Cherry and Gemma and grandchildren, Jack, Bea, Maddie and William, who he loved very much.

The funeral service took place at Grantham Crematorium, Ernest Fytche officiating.

Family mourners included: Cherry Immink, Gemma Fensom, Robin Immink, Jack and Bea Immink, Matthew Fensom, Maddie and William Fensom, Pat and Mike Cottam, Wayne and Vick Cottam, Amanda and Wayne Catt, Gill Bainbridge, Yvonne, Heather and Jenny Smith.

Sympathisers included: Kevin and Carol Exton, Jenny Gilbert, Simon and Tracey Spencer, Colin and Jane Cottam, Linda Barker (representing Nora Barker), Nigel and Diane Barker, David Barker (Jenny, James and Charlotte Barker), Tony and Fiona Barker, Andy Barker, Yvonne Ellis (Martin Ellis, Neil Murnen), David Jackson (Sheila Jackson), Joshua Spencer, Harvey Sherwin (Helen Sherwin, James and Stephanie Romaine).

Mick Ablewhite, John Sowerby (Lisa Sowerby), Dave Parker (Sam and Cath Ocallagham, Peter Curtis, Sheryl Shortland), Jane Hughes (Mandy Hood), Mike Hughes, Sue and Ben Casey, Alan Woodward, John Clark (Perry and Sheena Mason), Brian and Mary Scotney, Paul Bullivant (John Alsbury), B Berridge (Barbara Berridge), Mr B Lawrence (Mr and Mrs D Edwards), Adrian Boyfield (Sarah Johnson), Clive Boyfield (Angela Boyfield), Donna Crofts (Jonathan Crofts), Rosemary, Jules (Nick), Sismey and family (Laholmer Engineer), Steve Hall (Lynne, Ivan, Sadie Hall and staff at Hall and Hall), Peter Holstead, Michael Atkinson (Rosetta Atkinson), Sarah Atkinson (Margaret Porter), Ray Fisher, Steve Templeman, Maurice Briggs (Adrian Briggs), Peter and Anita Bloodworth (Darren, Mark and Adele Bloodworth, P Rolt and family).

Chris and Klair Hammond (Pat Ellington), Jeremy Padgett (George Stubley), Rick Hall, Helen Langman (Steve Langman, Liz Putterill), John and Margaret Sismey (Dave and Jane Stanley), Robert and Louise Hall, Doug, Sharon and Matthew Hall (family), Fred Hall (Gill Hall), Ted Gray, Bill and Marge Immink (Anton Immink), Jackie and Graham Hughes, Trevor, Tracy and Andy Wand (Dan Wand, Dean McAllister, Rippingale Football Club), Lyndsey Cooper (Barry Cooper), Sarah Bridgewater (Rob Bridgewater), Hilary and Frank Pell (Audrey and Nobby Gray, Garry Latter), David and Ann Fensom, David Fensom jnr, Wayne Turner (Pauline Turner), Jonathan Collins, Gary Hood, and many more friends and colleagues.