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Vic Benns
Vic Benns
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Vic Benns, 68, of Roman Bank, Stamford, died at home surrounded by his loving family.

He was born January 3, 1945, the second son of William and Gladys Benns of Essex Road. After losing his father at the age of four he was brought up by his mother.

He attended Bluecoat School and Stamford School, leaving to join Rutland County Council as a civil engineer, designing and supervising many local roads.

After working for several councils he moved to Stamford Construction.

In 1980 he re-trained as a computer programmer and systems analyst and worked for Bena Travel, Mountain Software and latterly the Environment Agency, retiring in 2009.

Having met his wife Janet at Stamford Fair in 1965 they were married at Easton-on-the-Hill three years later on Fair Saturday and continued to visit the fair every year after.

Their first home was in Stamford and then in 1975 they moved to Carlby where both their sons, James and William, were born.

It was in Carlby where Vic became totally immersed in village life. He was one of the main instigators for the evolvement of the playing field with much fund-raising and hard work to build and maintain a bowling green, tennis court and children’s play area.

During the bowling season he could often be seen at 5am mowing the green before leaving for his day’s work. He was also a parish councillor for several years.

After 25 years Vic and Janet moved back to Stamford.

A keen sportsman, he played hockey and rugby for school and Stamford Town; bowls for Carlby Bowls Club and was also a member at Burghley Park Golf Club for 45 years, and a season ticket holder at Leicester Tigers.

In his earlier days he was a member of Barn Hill Youth Club and Stamford Operatic Society.

A family funeral service was held at Marholm Crematorium, followed by a thanksgiving service at St Martin’s Church, where Vic had been christened, baptised, sang in the choir and rang the bells in his younger days. The Rev David Bond officiated.

All donations in lieu of flowers, totalling £1,015.65, were donated to Pancreatic Cancer Research and St Barnabas at Home (Lincolnshire).

Family mourners included: Janet Benns (widow), James and Kelly Benns (representing Georgia), William and Kate Benns (Issy and Freddie), John and Margo Benns, Peter Benns, Tom Benns (Kasia, Frania and William), Gail Chadwick, Steve Wylds, Rosie Clark (Tom Clark), Joyce Chadwick (Barry Chadwick), Stephen Chadwick (Lynsey, Harry and Findlay), Alison Chadwick and George (Marcus).

Sympathisers included: Ben Casey (Sue Casey, Mick and Sue Brudenell), Robert Rudkin, Carole Rogers, David and Pat Beech (Ian and Lynne Loder), Geoff Breel, Ian Ripley, Philip Heath, Theresa Marsh, Rachel Wilkinson (Alan Wilkinson and family), Clare Cook (Rob Cook, Amy Claypole), Simon Cook (Sarah Markwell-Cook, Hindmarch family), Sue Tyler, Roger Curtis, Judith and Maurice Wade (Sheila Breeze, Rev Peter and Christine Lemmon and members of the methodist Sunday school and youth group – 1950s and 60s), Maureen Jones (methodist church), Annette Turner (Barn Hill Methodist Youth Club), Josie Tyler, Shirley Chapman, Bryan Utteridge, Eddie Markham, Mark Sismore (Emma Sismore, John and Margaret Fox, Helen and Martin Sismore), Malcolm and Moira Tate, Colin and Kerry Vincent, Tony Walton (Janet Walton), John Price, Derrick Wade, Barry Williams, Laura Smith (Mark Laughton), Grahamme Sorfleet (Glenda Parsley), Mick and Jeannette Durman, Lee and Barbara Gibson, Jane and Derek Needham (Simon and Kate), Rex and Jennie Houlden, Lucy Porter (Charles Porter), Sandra Kirk, Terry and Barbara Smith (family), Peter Sharman (Jen, Wendie and Julie), Drew and Sam Bradshaw (family), Mike Bradshaw (family).

Lizzie Ford (Helen and Sarah Ball, Jeremy Ford and family), John Sylvester (David and Bev Miller), Gill, Roger and Mark Douglas (Nick Douglas), Mary Ludlow (Peter Ludlow), David Ward and Carol Lawson (Ellen McMulled), John Cartwright (Old Stamfordians Golfing Society), Colin Francis, Keith, Margaret and Wendy Clarke, Anne Harkness, Margaret Baines (Ken Baines), Daphne and Ron Jones (Andrew and Sue Jones), Jacqui and Richard Griffin (Charles, Chrys and William Gillman), Tom Griffin (Josie and Henry Griffin, Edward and Kimberly Griffin), Jo and Richard Taylor (Neil and Angela Taylor), Patricia Currie (Adrian Currie), Margaret and Colin Bradshaw (Mark and James Bradshaw), Clem Walden (family), David Bond, Margaret and Phillip Sendall, Iris, Mark , Simon and Cathy Harris (Hugo and Poppy Geer, Leona Harris), Fay and Bruce Irvine (Lili Irvine), Don Hewitt, Bill Adams (Mrs R Adams, Nick Forsyth), Barry Hawkins (Beverly Jude, Tamar and Leah Jude Porter), Lianne Hawkins, Malcolm English (Jan Hawkins), Lee and Nikki Smith (Thomas and Isabella Smith), Daniel Rowntree (Louise and Ruby Rowntree), Mark Blair (Tarquinn and Lisa Hempstead-Smith), Jamie Pettigrew, Graeme Hawkins, Bora and Julia Alpar, Andrew Haigh (Daniel Haigh, The Old Farts Stamford), John Baxter (Judy Baxter), Joe Meenaghan (Margaret Meenaghan), Jean Tarleton, John Hale (Anne Hale), Rose and Steve Fenn (Michelle Fenn), Jim Snelling, Barry Mills, Jules and Darren, Debbie Walker, Jane Freeman (Derek Freeman).

Terry and Mike Chapman, Sue Walmsley (Mark Walmsley, James and Debbie Walmsley and family), Yvonne Collins (Jill and Pat Redmond, Paul Glitherow, Barclays staff, Peterborough), Mike and Pat Smith, Glynis Brockbank (David Brockbank, Helen and Simon Popple, Barclays staff, Stamford), Angela Shaw (Christopher and Sara Shaw), Paul Johnson, Peter Rouse, Helen Carmichael, Ian and Hall, Roger Warren, Ann Gray, Diane Jackson (Brian Jackson), ‘Chutney’ and Ann Turner (Barn Hill Methodist Youth Club), Eddie Wilson, David and Jo Richardson (family), Gordon and Jacky Templeman (family, Carlby Bowls Club), Jean and Colin Lawson (Susan and Geoff Burgoin), John Kell, David Nichols, Howard Evans (Phyllis Evans), Colin and Sue Howard (family), Pauline Troth (Jill and Andrew, Stephen and Donna, John and Judith Troth), Kieron Mahon (Joanne VanDerMerwe-Mahon).