Obituary: Alan Johnson

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Alan Johnson

Former Uppingham town councillor Alan Johnson, of Bottom Lane, Bisbrooke, died at Leicester Royal Infirmary, aged 86.

Born in Belgrave, Leicestershire, he was educated at Harrison Road School, Leicester, and in 1941, at the age of 17, served with the Fleet Air Arm on aircraft carriers protecting convoys on the Russian run out of Scapa Flow in the Orkneys.

He later became proprietor of a greengrocery shop in High Street at Uppingham.

A keen sportsman and cyclist, when he was younger he played tennis for the YMCA in Leicester. Later in life he played bowls for Uppingham and since his retirement was an enthusiastic stamp collector.

Bereaved are his widow Betty, son David and grandchildren Felicity, Thomas, Robert and William.

The funeral service took place at St John the Baptist Church, Bisbrooke, the Rev Jane Baxter officiating.

Carol Dry was organist.

Family mourners included: Betty Johnson, David and Tracy Johnson, Felicity, Thomas, Robert and William Johnson, Matthew Bullen, Sandra Kneale, Jackie Penny, Kathleen Gray and Diana Tindall.

Sympathisers included: Phillip Hutchinson (representing Julie), Bruce and Stella Fruin, Beverley Sibson (Anthony Sibson), Robin Robson (Hilary Crowden), Susan Lee (David Lee), Hilary Dawe (Ashley and Henry Dawe), Ann Green, Roger Green, Neil Baines, David and Patsy Perry, Gene Dunbar (Olwen Dunbar), David and Pauline Clanchy (Nipsy and Alex Cross, Betty and Martin Clarke), John and Christobel Price, Sheila Stainsby (Graham and Diane Thomas, Pauline Atkinson), Mary Collins (Daphne Thomas and family, Capt and Mrs Robert Boyle), Frank Waters, Joan Waters, Mr and Mrs V Brooks, Norman Cook, Ann Cook.

John and Mireille Portlock, Keith Westmoreland, Brenda Mighell (John), Barry and Sue Thomas, Valerie Lloyd (Pusch family), Jenny Meredith (Deborah Meredith), Annette Cutting (Tony Cutting), Tony and Noreen Smithson, Pat Oakley (John Oakley), Eddie and Betty Gower, Dorothy Wright (Dennis Wright), Pauline Cirket, Steve and Cathy Brewin (Sally and Mike), Emily Snushall (Erika Lloyd), Terry Barfield (Wanda Barfield, Nigel and family), Tricia Jolly (William Jolly and family), Simon Armitage (Penny, Lucy, Kate and Sarah Armitage), Paul Green (Gill Green), Mary Holmes (Andrew, Sally, Tom, all at Culpins), Tony and Sue Champion (family), Tony Wright (Bob Wright), Nick and Kate Parsons (family), Jennifer and Farrell Parsons, Jocelyn Golden, Alan Morris, Peggy Phipps, Jo Ellingworth, Judy Berridge, Rev T and Mrs Treanor, Penny Light (Lucinda Silcock).

Ian Jackson, Marilyn Jackson, John Cartwright (Carolyn Cartwright), Mr and Mrs D Marston (Mary Marston, Mr and Mrs N Abell), Neil Marston, Doreen Marston, Godfrey and Jill Frearson, Peter Harbot, Mrs Carole Reeve (Mr Geoff and Pam Reeve), Peter Thorpe (Ella, Nicola, Ingrid and Lynn Thorpe), Paul Thorpe (Barbara, Lesley and Jason and family), J Tyers, Gerald and Lilian Clarke, Miss M Crowden, Bill and Jean Gilson, Tricia Richardson (Charles Richardson), Neil and Betty Gray, Peter and Penny Beveridge.