Obituary: Alfred Hand

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Alfred Hand

RETIRED factory worker and former farm labourer, Alfred (Alf) Hand, of Wilkes Gardens, Uppingham, died at Rutland Memorial Hospital, aged 77.

He was the son of John and Hilda Hand and worked as a farm labourer until he was taken ill, when he worked for a short time at Arnold Wills, Uppingham.

A member of Uppingham whist drive and dominoes clubs, he enjoyed playing dominoes, watching cricket and football and reading.

Widower of Jean Hand, he leaves his step daughter Caroline.

The Rev Roy Seden officiated at the funeral service at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Uppingham.

Family mourners included: Caroline and Simon Murton, Carl and Laura Tooke, Jo and John Tooke (representing Rob Tooke and family), Ann and Keith Murton, Rebecca and Al Musson, Karen Morgan (Steve Morgan), Gladys Ford, Marion and Ian Ford, Andrew Ford (Shelley Ford), Ruth and Roger Peckover, Margaret Hand, Sue and Gerry Byles (Ray Ward), Jean and Bill Gilson.

Sympathisers included: Heather Scott, Mrs A Ellard (Josephine Hinman), Ian Inman, Mrs Paula Garley, John Green (Sally Green), Ann Radford, Beryl and Gary Green (family), Roy and Margaret Jones, Sharon Walpole (Pete Walpole), Julie Spiers (John Spires), Lorraine Francis (Robert, Nathan and Dale), Mrs Val Dalby (Mrs M Higley, Mrs V Ball), Mr R Dalby (Mrs B Dalby), Sammy Davis (Pat Davis), Den Barnett (Sue Barnett, UTFC domino team and club), Alfred Barnett (Sheila Barnett), Carole Hurst (Eddie and Betty Gower), I Shelton (UTFC), Andrew Fogg, Alison McKie (Kirsty Foss), David Williams (Sue Williams, Barbara Williams), Janette Bradshaw (Claudia and Kyle), Kath and Ron Orson (Trude Pollard, David Thorpe and family), Mr and Mrs Robert Thorpe, Richard Busby.