Obituary: Alwyn Mills

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Alwyn Mills

The funeral of Alwyn Mills, 85, took place at Empingham Church.

Alwyn, who lived in Empingham all his life, was the son of Clara and Bert Mills and the grandson of Luke Mills, the village carrier. He married Margaret Hillyer from Toll Bar in Little Casterton in 1952 and they had three children, Wendy, John and Richard. Unfortunately John died in 1976 and Margaret died in 1984. Alwyn had three grandchildren.

He attended Empingham Primary school and moved to Cottesmore Secondary School, at the age of 11. He remained there until the Central School was built at Casterton.

At the age of 14, he went to work as a butler at Prebendal House, Empingham, and then worked on the farm until about 1966.

Alwyn then went to work as a machinist at Mirrlees Blackstones in Stamford until 1985, when he was made redundant. After that he worked as a court usher in Leicester and as groundsman for the bowling green.

He joined the Home Guard during the Second World War and as a young man played football for the village. He joined the Royal Observer Corps in 1950, was a blood donor and played badminton. Later in his life his interests included playing bowls, growing flowers and vegetables and enjoying time with his family.

Family mourners included Wendy Willson, Andrew Willson, Fiona Riordan, Richard and Jackie Mills, Catherine and Stuart, Brenda and Carol Williamson, Cliff and Mary Hillyer, Susan Dwyer, Mary Hillyer, Linda and Peter Seamer, Jim and Margaret Thraves.

Sympathisers included: Graham and Janet Mills (Roger and Robert Mills), Peter and Barbara Fleming (Friends of Empingham Bowls Club), Catherine Marlow (Tricia and Rachel), Gill Laycock (Paul, Chris and Elaine Laycock), Pat Sanson, Ian and Betty Lyon, Jen Pheasant (Vic Pheasant), Marianne Ransome, Frank and Jean Hughes (David and Margaret Seamer), Lynda Woolley, Andrew and Mandy Woolley, Lilian Rawlings (Emma Rawlings), Dick Weed (Richard Weed, Mr and Mrs Shotbolt), Valerie Scarborough, Bernard and Brenda Morrissey, Diane and Austin Bland, Joyce and Geoff Foster and family (Audrey and Jim Christie, Brian and Anne Kent, Doug and Margaret Kent), Betty and Bill Eason and family (Dot and Don Jackson, Win Clapton, Joan Palmer), Linda Turner (Doris and Pat Turner), Douglas Hyde (Charlie Hyde), Stella Dale, Dr and Mrs D Keating, Sally and Alan Lambert (Karen Lambert, Russell Lambert and Chantima, William White and family, Edna and Monty Tyler), George and Isla McDonald, Ken and Judy Burton (Michael Mills and family), Joyce and Maurice Winter, Sylvia and Michael Leach (family, Jacey Stoltenberg-Blom), Robin and Blanche Long (Kevin, Debbie and families), Vic Lambert (Freda Lambert), Stafford Wallace (Hilary Wallace), John and Joan King, Mary Udale, Mike Ramsden, Reg Smith (Empingham Bowls Club), Norman and Norah Senior (family), Margaret Woodhead (family), Pauline Griffiths (Gwyn, Sally and Ian).

Pete Tibbert, Ceridwen and John Haward, David Harris, MacMenemey family, Christine Cooper (Gary, Judy, Mark and Sarah, Empingham Medical Centre), Tony and Mary Ruscillo (Mrs P Giannottie, Mr and Mrs Plumb), Mr and Mrs W Lodge, Lauren Wing (John and family), Andrea Frith (Ron Frith), Eileen and Peter Baker, Sonia Petchey (Reach team), Jon Gibbison, Jonathan Corby (family, Empingham Bowls Club), Peter Scott (Brian Patman), Liz and David Clayton (Drivers and Dambusters indoor bowls team), Don; Betty and Geoffrey Lamb (family), David and Vera Branson,