Obituary: Arthur Dodson

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Arthur Dodson

THE funeral service for retired farm and estate worker, Arthur Dodson, of Bulby, took place at St Andrew’s Church, Irnham, the Rev Margaret Barton officiating.

Martin Fuggle was organist. Donations of £1,100 were made to St Barnabas Hospice and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Mr Dodson died at his home aged 82.

From 1949 - 1955 he served with the REME.

He was a member of the civil defence and his hobbies included shooting and fishing.

He leaves his widow Marina, son Steven, daughter Jacqueline and grandchildren Christopher, Mathew and Emma.

Family mourners included: Marina Dodson, Steven Dodson, Christopher and Mathew Dodson, Jackie Holcombe, Emma Holcombe, Kathleen Tennant, Chris Lee, Martin, David, John and Daniel Lee, Phyllis and Fred Brewer, Alec and Jeanie Glover, Ann Histed, Sue and Sammie Wilson, Ronnie and Carol Eldred.

Sympathisers included: Jane Westrop, David Hare (representing Michael Halsey, Gladys Hare), Gordon and Joan Coupland (Michael and Susan), Elizabeth Zissler (Gillian Whitworth), Jean Smart, Paul and Carol Howat (Anna, Naomi, Sarah and Andrew), Sign Antonino Pepe, Miss Vanda Barnard, Richard Brewster (Irnham Estate), Mr G Brewster (Mrs J Brewster), Mr B Salmon, Mrs S Jones, John Culley, Ian Clark, John Dunn and Sue Luesby (Harrison and Dunn), John Lamin (Mark Lamin), Bryan and Christine Grantham), Judy Joyce, Doris Bee (family), Philip and Jill Rotherham, Ken and Ruth Smith, Jamie and Sue Bevan (Diana and Alexander Bevan), Andrew Crow (Jenny Crow), Isobel, John and Jamie Cranston, Tom Bagge, Sheena Watson, Judith Slater (Heather, John and Jean Banbury), Carolyn Tickler (George Tickler), Jackie Cheetham, John and Marie McMonagle, Alistair Graham, Pam Enderwick (Call Connect), Mrs Edith Cook, John Bee, Eric and Maxine Jessop, Arthur Atkinson, Julia Lister (Adam and Tim), Mark and Bridget Green, Andy Brewster, Trevor Vanson (Mitzi Vanson), David Watson (Nicholas Watson, Tessa Buckley), Paul Broughton (Tracey and Joe), Mr Roy and Susan Done (Bird Feed Supplier), Dorothee Whisell, Rosemary Story, Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Gerald Sly, Richard Bloodworth (Melanie, Ben and Edward), David and Freda Schofield, Yvonne Ellis, Terry Barnatt, Julia Rowland, Charles Leggatt, Elizabeth Bloodworth, Joe Bloodworth (Sarah), Peter Harrison, Jamie Benton-Jones, Eileen Graham (Simon Pyle), Catherine and Tim Willbond, Denise Dawson (Michael, Timothy Dawson, Lucy Taylor), Amanda Ayre (James Ayre, Paul Taplin, Joy Robinson), Peter Wilkinson, Sir Simon and Lady Margaret Benton-Jones, Maggie Embleton (Doug Embleton), Jane Brigginshaw, Richard Wells.