Obituary: Ashley Caulton

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Ashley Caulton

THE funeral service for Ashley Caulton, of Spinney Close, Ryhall, took place at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev Peter Pooley officiating. Interment of his ashes took place at Stamford Cemetery a few days later. Donations were made to Thorpe Hall, Peterborough.

Ashley, a baker, died at Thorpe Hall, Peterborough, aged 27.

He was the son of Ann Exton and Graham Caulton, and was educated at The Bythams Primary School and Queen Eleanor School, Stamford.

He was a keen supporter of Manchester United Football Club and enjoyed playing computer games. He also loved to spend time with his family on camping weekends at Skegness.

Mourners included: Graham Caulton (dad), Ann Exton and Tommy Trowell (mum and dad no 2), David, Wendy and Daniel Storey (representing Adam and Angela), Tracey, Jon, Jacqui, Donna and Luke Pretlove (Belinda), Darren, Julie, Kayleigh and Macauley Exton, Anna, Ray, Simone and Raymond McDonald and Neil, Amanda, Stephen and Josh Exton.

Robert, Mandy and Sophie Exton, Martyn Exton (Nicola and Amelia), Mark Caulton, Auntie Bobsy Arnold (Laura and Dan), Claire Gutteridge (Dougie and Tegan), Mary and Dick Ablett, James and Charlie Ablett (Henry), Diane and Paul Caroll (Phoebe) and Lynda and Roy Allett (Mick, Eddie and Judy).

Boy and Liz Storey (family), Tin and John Storey, Ally and Cis Woodruff (Mark and Zoe, Matthew, Tyler and Pat and family), Ian and Mandy Storey (Sarah and Ben), Gary Moat (Hayley and Lucy), Wayne Moat (Sammy, Jason, Lily, Marcus), Dean Moat, Butch and Irene Caulton, Mick Caulton, Patrick Caulton, Carol and John, Ian and Karen, Leanne and Ben Caulton, Mervyn and Lou Caulton, Pat, Emma and Jamie.

Wayne Caulton, Rachel Burrows, Amanda Caulton, Mick Johnson, Gavin Caulton (family), Roxy, Luly and Sally, Tina Coupland, Yvonne Ennis (family), Becky and Christopher Caulton, Kyle, Gordon, David Meadows, Cyril and Linda, Shirley Mews, Mick Butler, Angie Butler, Jacky Mobbs, Billy Windsor (Jessie) Ann Burrows (Bernie), Sara Player (family), Nigel Mews (family), Mark and Elaine, Jason (family), Claire Bradshaw (John), Gary and Lisa and Lynne and Malc.

Audrey Smart and Sharon (Daphne Lowe), Karen Cunnington, Jo Robertson (community nursing teams), Mary Hutchinson, Caroline Paul, Sean Fielding (Nicola, Mark, Annie, Sarah); Nigel Walters, Jason Savage, Linda Berzins, Jim and Lisa, Diane Adnan, Sylvia Lewis, Babs Pritchard, Alex Clarke, Chantelle Riley, Jemma Rowe, Mandi Kent, Gareth Pegg, Stuart Elliott, Vicky Pidgeon, Adrian Pope, Benn Biggs, Glenn and Jayne Bagshaw (Morrisons); Graham, Kate, Rose, Rob, Marc, Maz and John (Asda, Corby).