Obituary: Barry Russel

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Barry Russel

THE funeral service for Barry Russel, of Grantham, formerly of Lincoln Road, Stamford, took place at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev Stella Langdon-Davies officiating.

Barry died at Grantham Hospital, aged 63.

A labourer, he was the son of the late Frank and Constance Russel, of Lambeth Walk, Stamford.

He had various jobs throughout his life, his last job was working at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool where he, his wife Christine and daughter Kara-Jay lived for six years, before returning to live locally.

He enjoyed playing most pub sports, especially crib for the Olympics.

Over the years he also loved seaside holidays at Great Yarmouth with his family, which is where his ashes will be taken at a later date.

Bereaved are his widow Christine, children Amanda, Donna, Luan, Darren, Mikala and Kara-Jay, 18 grandchildren and one great grandson. His son Trevor pre-deceased him.

Family mourners included: Christine Russel (widow), Amanda Hannah, Donna Martin, Luan Atkinson, Darren Russel, Mikala Russel, Karay-Jay Russel, John and Stephanie Russel.

Brian Russel, Terry and Fran Russel, Judith Watts, Paul Hannah, Lauren, Robyn (representing Jayden), Megan (Reece), Neil Martin (Daisie-Mai, Natasha), Ray Brett, Liam, Ryan (Kye, Keali, Bradley, Alecha) Atkinson, Lee Theodore (Jack Richards, Lewis), Beth Russel (Ashton, Logan), Bertie Jackson, Richard and Kay Thompson.

Sympathisers included: Bill Milne (Rachel and Liam), John Atkinson, Caroline Yorke Summerskill (David, Alyssa, Elize), Sarah, Anna, Mark (Russel family), Susan Hodgett (Andrew, Carrie, Josef), Brian (Mark, Stephen, Alex, Scott, Charlotte, Evelyn and family), Tracy Crowley (Paul Crowley), Elaine Taylor (Bridge and Tony O’Brian), Mr Jo Clapton (family), Pete Christian, Kath Hicks, Pete Ford (Gaynor and Rhys), Tony Theodore (Mary Theodore), Brenda, Frank Prior (Scott, Stephanie USA).

Helen Clarke (Andy, Jodie, Tara, Kirsti), Glen Atkinson, Sally Ann Millar, Shirley Naylor (Brian and family), Pat and Malcolm Vickers (family), Janet Bowden (family), Mr and Mrs T Griffin (family), Ray Graham (Noel, June Chatwin family).

Dean and Jill and Ray and Vena (Jolly Brewer), Jim Stubbs (Conrad Stubbs), Mr and Mrs A Butcher, Mr and Mrs T Sismore, L Boyden, Emma Martin and family.

Andrea Lilley and family (Mr and Mrs Lilley, Caroline Fielding), Mr Richard Stubbs (Angela), Graham and Denise Cambell-Waggott, David Ball, Ron Tilley, Simon Young (Donna Young and family), Brian Waldron.

Brian Russon and family, Stephen Bottomley, Paul and Alison Jugovic (Jo, David, Bethany Hudson, Marion and Norman), Hazel Morris (Mr and Mrs Derek Taylor, Newage crib team), Mr A Chiverton (Old Olympic crib team, Stamford), Phil Morris (S & D crib league committee).