Obituary: Betty Colvin

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Betty Colvin

THE funeral of Betty Colvin took place at Abbey Church, Bourne, Father Chris Atkinson officiating.

Betty died at The Cedars Nursing Home, Bourne, aged 84.

She was born in West Pinchbeck and attended the local school. On leaving school she worked at the Maypole grocery store in Spalding, until she married Peter Colvin in April 1951, when she joined him on his market garden in Pinchbeck. They moved to Spring Farm, Dyke, in 1971 and she continued to work on the farm until they retired. Peter died in 2000 and she remained in the farm house until October 2009 when she moved to Bourne.

After Peter’s death Betty enjoyed many coach trips at weekends until her health deteriorated. She was a keen gardener and flower arranger and was a member of Bourne Garden and Flower Clubs. She was also involved in Ladies Probus and a committee member of Bourne Organ Club. She will be sadly missed by her family and many friends.

Family mourners included: Ray and Carole Colvin, Lyn and Kevin Bones, Adam Bones, Sarah Colvin, John Spendelow, Steven Colvin, Danielle Pettit, Joyce and Tim Russell, Roger Peacock, Mick and Margaret Peacock (representing Nancy, David and Sally Barratt and Laura and Lucy).

Sympathisers included: David Marvin (Penny Marvin), Peggy Saunders (Tony Saunders|), Mrs Dorothy Briggs, Peter Briggs, Audrey Fenney, Peter and Kate Swain, Ted and Elinor Murphy (Sue Freeman), Mrs Karen Freeman (Victoria Freeman), Mrs Merryn Shaw (Mr Don Whitfield), Edward and Helen Whitfield, Liz Jackson (Philip and Margaret Ash), Jane Stanley (Dave Stanley), Mr Paul Antcliffe (Tracy Antcliffe), Richard and Tracey Clingo, Fiona and Kate Short (Trevor Short), Mr C Marvin, William, Antoinette and Philippa Ash (Jessica Ash, Shaun and Karen Charlton), Mrs Susan Lee, Peter Lee, Ray and Sandra Bradley, Martin and Pauline Cuffe, Mrs C Cooke (Mr B Cooke, Mr and Mrs A Leverton), Mrs G Leverton (Mr P Leverton), Caroline Hempstead (Mrs Linda Myers), Fiona Robinson (Michael Robinson), John and Edith Dickinson (John and Ruth Bannister and family), Mrs Shirley Fairbairn, M Briggs, Clare Cork, John Wade (John Richardson), Mrs Joan Wade (Mr and Mrs S Jones), Mike and Tina Lovesey, Laura Taylor (Anne Gibson, Jonny Taylor), Caroline Smith (Margot Smith), Mrs S Bailey (Miss Eileen Bampton, Nigel and Lisa Bailey), Chris Bailey (Lisa Watson Bailey, Helen Edwards), Malcolm Reedman (Mrs I Reedman); Helen Brewster, Helen Cochran, Maureen Hasbury, Sharon Knibbs and Jane Harrison (The Cedars); Joan Kowalczyk (Cedars, Carol Preston), June Flatters (Cedars, Diane Neal), Jim and Betty James, Susan Knibbs (Cedars, Mandy Woodcock), Janice Scott (Joanne and family), David and Eileen Stubbs (family, Gill Berry, Alan and Jenny Gray), Mrs V Reilly (Mick, Katy, Sean and Ian Short), Greta Meacham, Mrs V Osborn, Jean West; Louise White and Christine Howchin (Renal Dialysis PCH); Audrey Murray, Jan Pettitt, Mrs Lesley Reedman, Barbara Mears, John Wass (Linda Wass, Faith Taylor, Bourne Organ Club), A Turner (J Turner), Mr W Pell (Mrs B Pell), Mr and Mrs H Soar, Dean and Joyce King, Carol and Colin Needham, Mrs S Alderson (Mrs D Edis, Mrs F Fox-Hall), Mr and Mrs G Chapman (Mrs M Sellars, Mrs J Smith), Lizzie Le Sage, Ray and Chris Vokes, L Hankins (Monty Andrew), Amanda Clare (Cedars, Craig Ulyatt and family), Keith Ulyatt (Pip Ulyatt), Chris Colvin (Ken Carswell), Stephanie Chapman, Phil and Sue Middleton, Joy Bontoft (Derek Bontoft), Darren and Nicola Munton (Daniel and Zak Munton), Joy Le Sage (family, Wendy Redhead), Joan Selby (Sheila Bates), June Jackson, Ron and Mary Horsmann (Enid and Henry Mills), Mr R Pannell, Mrs J Ginders, Madge Robinson (Douglas Robinson), Betty Davies (John Davies), Carole Jones (family), Anne Dickinson (Colin Dickinson), Carol Higgins (EMAS volunteer drivers), Pauline Burnham (Anne Hedger), Jenni Smith (Paul Woodcock), Pam and Dave McPherson (family, Barbara Schofield, Co-op Rainbow, Bourne), Denis and Edith Neal (Bourne Organ Club Committee and members), Mrs M Bedford (Alan and Molly Argyle), Mr and Mrs W Bones (Mrs K Dodson and family).