Obituary: Betty Warters

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Betty Warters

BETTY Warters, who devoted much of her life to bowls, on and off the green, died at the John Van Geest unit at Stamford Hospital, aged 90.

As well as a national champion on five occasions, she served as national president of the English Women’s Bowling Federation, the Northants WBF and was a founder president of Huntingdonshire Women’s Bowls Association. She was also a founder member of Wittering Bowls Club and founder president and honorary life member of Stamford and District Indoor Bowls Club.

Mrs Warters was the widow of the late Percy Warters, former superintendent registrar in Stamford and clerk to Barnack and Ketton Rural District Councils.

Born in Woking, Surrey, she was the youngest daughter of a family of six children and after leaving school was a costing clerk at Vickers Armstrong aircraft factory in Weybridge. She joined the Army at the age of 18 when the Second World War broke out and trained as a telephonist but also worked on fitting the fabric to the wings of Wellington bombers.

After spending the early part of married life in Pocklington, Yorkshire, the family moved to Barnack in 1952 and subsequently to Wittering in 1960 where Mrs Warters was a keen tennis player and stalwart of the Women’s Institute until she was bitten by the bowling bug. She held many administrative posts and proved one of the most successful bowlers in the area.

As well as many county titles, she won four national titles at the English Federation finals at Skegness and the national over 55 pairs in Folkestone.

In 2003 she moved to an apartment in Blackstones Court, Stamford, where she was also well-known for her talents as a watercolour artist.

Mrs Warters is survived by daughter Jennifer and sons Robert, Jonathan and Martyn.

Almost 200 attended the civil ceremony at Marholm Crematorium, conducted by Ernest Fytche. More than £400 was raised in donations towards a memorial at the indoor bowls club in her memory.

Family mourners included: Jennifer Warters, Bob and Carol Warters, Jon and Kath Warters, Martyn and Viv Samuel (daughter, sons and daughters-in-law), Pip Warters and Karen Fox, Tim and Jason Warters, Toby and Crispin Gillgrass, Simon Samuel (grandchildren), Molly Higginbotham (sister), Jeff Sherborne (brother), Trevor and Gwynneth Gainor, David and Mary Clegg, Denise Sherborne, Paul and Jo Sherborne, Jane Sherborne.

Sympathisers included: Richard and Pam Gillgrass (representing Polly Gillgrass), Ms B Allum, G Neal, Mr and Mrs J Neal, Mrs J Smith (R Langstaff), G Trowell (E Trowell), Mr and Mrs P Edwards (Ketton Bowls Club, J Phillips), Mr and Mrs G Foster, Mr and Mrs D Smith, Mr and Mrs A Burt (I Hall, T Kirk), Mrs D Peck (hairdressers Wendy and Kelly ), Sam and Carol Hunter (Peterborough and District IBC and BC), Mr and Mrs E McCarthy (Carolyn), Ms B Beeton (R Harniess), R Roffe (Wittering Parish Council), S Hurn (Mrs P Hurn), Mr and Mrs R Kettle, Mr and Mrs D Jackson (Mr and Mrs S Dalby), Mrs and Mrs R Mee, Mrs J Iszatt, B Mullins (Blackstones Court), Mrs J Ford (D Neal), Mrs B Carr (family), Mrs G Parsley (family and staff at the Crown Hotel), Mrs J Duffy (D Kew, R Mace, Northants Women’s Bowling Federation), Mrs P Birch (N Birch), Mrs G Elwood (J & T Elwood), Mr and Mrs B Edwards (Mr and Mrs G Randall), A Croxford, D Lewthwaite (Mrs L Lewthwaite), J Redhead, Mr and Mrs C Watson (Northants Bowling Federation), Mrs R Roberts, Mr and Mrs J Mumford, Mrs C Cox (M Cox), Mrs M Andrews (T Andrews), Mr and Mrs C Collicott, W Kettle, K Germany, J Douglas (A MacDonald, J Rigby), J Robinson (Yaxley BC), Mrs and Mrs B Plowman (Casterton BC), Mrs P O’Brien (Deeping Assn and Stamford BCs), M Dolby, Mr and Mrs D Want (R Montgomery), Mr and Mrs A Dick, Mrs P Norwood, R Warrington, Mrs J Price (John, Rose and Bert), Mrs D Flowers, Mrs J Padley), Mrs N Holt (Mrs and Mrs G Cotterill, Mr and Mrs D Norman), Mrs P Jones, Mrs N Rawlins (K Rawlins), Mrs B Worley, Mrs M Malton, Mr and Mrs J Gamble, Mr and Mrs K Johnson (Sam’s Place Coffee Shop).

Mr and Mrs M Squires (Belvedere and Molins BCs), G Sorfleet (Stamford Amateur Operatic Society, Gilbert and Sullivan Players, T Walton, Mr and Mrs D Needham), Mrs D Trinder (Steve, Hycinjo, Matt, Bob and Jodie Trinder), Mr and Mrs A Romaine (Mrs Amy Harper and family), J Geary, M Bailey (family), D Cox (Deeping Assn BC), Mr and Mrs K Rippin (Stamford and District Indoor Bowls Association), Mr and Mrs G Davies (family), Mr and Mrs D Ford, J Little, Mrs J Brennan, Mr and Mrs DC Cotterill (family), Mr and Mrs M Wakefield (Mrs J Wakefield), Mr and Mrs J Allwood (Miss M. Albon), A Long, M Ramsden, Ms M Broadbelt, I Anton (Mrs C Popple), Mr and Mrs J Hare (Wittering BC).