Obituary: Brenda Moss

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Brenda Moss

BRENDA Moss, 76, of Ayre Close, Stamford, died after a fall at home and subsequent admittance to A & E at Peterborough District Hospital. The cause of death was given as an accident from a cause not known and not from a heart attack as was initially thought.

The funeral service took place at St Martins Church, Stamford, the Rev Mark Warrick officiating. Cremation followed at Marholm Crematorium. The ashes were interred at Ketton Park Green Burial.

Brenda was born in Lincoln to Lillian and Thomas Bell and attended South Park High School, Lincoln, where she gained a distinction in the last of the school certificates to be held. Leaving school at the age of l6 she went on to work for Lincoln Telephone manager where she was responsible for all work carried out in North Lincolnshire. She stayed there until Christmas 1956, resigning to join her husband who was serving with the RAF.

She married Kenneth (Ken) in Lincoln in 1955 (having known him since 1950) and moved around the country wherever he was posted. Their son Andrew was born in Ramsgate in 1959. Brenda spent nine months on the island of Sylt and three years on the island of Penang. While in Penang, she was caught up in two riots that covered the whole of Malaysia, and was under curfew during the time of the riots. She learned to drive, played badminton and spent a lot of time at Penang Swimming Club.

She settled in Stamford in September 1970 and worked for C & G Plant Hire until moving to Barnhill Clinic and subsequently the health centre in Ryhall Road. She retired in March 2000 after more than 20 years service in the health environment.

Her hobbies and pastimes included being a founder member of Stamford Exeter Townswomen’s Guild (which she was still a member of), Casterton Badminton Club, Stamford U3A, where she was a member for 12 years up until the time of her death, and a member of numerous groups with the U3A, and Stamford Choral Society.

She leaves her husband Ken and son Andrew.

Family mourners included: Andrew Moss, Jessica Moss, Clive Blackman (representing Yve), Aileen Hagen, Paul Hagen (Jo Hagen), Ruth Chapman (Ben Chapman, Tim Chapman), Christine Kirk, Martin Kirk, David Kirk, Julie Kirk, Richard Kirk.

Sympathisers included: Jane Harrison, Malcolm and Thelma Plumb, David and Judith Barnett, Jean and Ricky Wood, Alec and Renee Burt (Burghley Ladies Probus), Eric and Nancy Alexander, Gill Douglas (Roger Douglas), Mary Ludow (Peter Ludlow, Kate Morris), Wendy Norman (Stamford Exeter Townswomens Guild), Lily and Tony Hitch (Stamford Exeter Townswomen’s Guild), Judy Slater, Sandra Naylor (Rita Benson, Stamford Exeter Townswomen’s Guild), Shirley and Mike Saunders, Mr and Mrs Peter Rickett (Burghley Probus Stamford), Anne Knox, David and Millie Tilson (Janet and Rachel Walton), Joan and John Keen (Burghley Ladies Lunch Club Probus), Mrs Janet Swinfen, Bridget Everitt, Pat Reed (Bernie Atter), Des and Janet Kempson (Cathy Whitwell), Jennie Dykes (district nurses), Paddy Thompson (Stamford U3A travel group), Rita Wood (singing for pleasure group), Dick Colgrove (Maggie Colgrove), David and Carol Needham, Pamela White, Kay Johnson, John and Joan McNeill (U3A and TG), Rosa and Colin Shaw (Julie, Christine, Helen), Mr and Mrs P Tibbert, Margaret Body (Jim Body).

Jean Farmer, Colin and Brenda Francis, Miss Fiona Halliwell, Mollie and George Birch, David Jennings (Irene Jennings), Raymond and Shirley Garrood, Hendy Farquhar-Smith (Stamford U3A, Horace Farquhar-Smith, Priory Investment), Audrey and Trevor Dorkas (Davina Williams TG), Dorothy Sargeant, Ron and Peggy Aldridge (Joan Renfree), Michael Fretin, Paul and Pearl Rose, Mr and Mrs A Mitchell, Daphne and Ron Jones, Keith and Mary Gibson, Edmund and Mary Squires, Pat Shough, Tom Dykes, Charlotte Cullen (Carol Dean), Rachelle Mould (Simon Mould), Mr and Mrs T Hoyles (James Poulter, Pauline Stevenson, Irene Parrish), Caroline Mangan TWG (Barry and Jamie Mangan), Betty and John Dixon, Sandra Bates, June Headley and Pat Mackenzie (Ruth Houghton), Daphne and Tony Barry, Aileen Marriott, Dorothy Piggott (Jose Fox), Maisie Hand, Elaine Ward (U3A church visiting group), Mavis Sharpe and Penny Rowley (U3A church visiting group).

Doreen Jefferis, June and Ian Graham, Myra Mylott, Mrs Rosemary Terry (Mrs Sandra Graham and family), Jackie Moss (Paul and Kayleigh Moss), Carol Rumbell, Babs Dew, Ina Bacon and Ruby Smith (Judith Lewis, Townswomen’s Guild), Freda and Rob Elliott (Towns Womens Guild), Barbara Cleveland (Stamford Exeter Townswomens Guild), Peter Herrick, Michael and Jenny Whetstone (Dennis and Rosemary Chappell), Graham Creedy (Burghley Probus Club), Margaret Seamer, Sandy and David Ellis, Melanie Turner, Hazel Alexander (TWG), Jean Paszkiewicz (Stam Paszkiewicz), Megan and Maurice Hill (Eric and Thelma Hill, Colin and Margaret Harrison, Howard and Anne Jones),Jean and John Jarvis, Margaret Harkey (Derek Warrick, Gordon Bland), Sue and Mick Massingham (Ann Walker), Jenny Dawson (Barrie and Jo Dawson, Joan Fountain), Gina and Bob Birbeck, Ellen Hardie (Jeannette Chisholm), Grace and Peter Scriven, Mr and Mrs Stephen Moss (family), Christine Bearne (U3A local history), Julia and Dennis Rotherham, Mr D Rotherham (Stamford Priory investment club), Mr and Mrs Larry Waldram, Anne and Fred Wallace, Pat Banks (John Banks).