Obituary: Brian Hallam

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Brian Hallam, of Deeping St James, died in Peterborough City Hospital, aged 65.

The funeral service was conducted by the Rev David Creasey at St John the Baptist Church, Baston, followed by interment at Baston churchyard. Family mourners included: Peggy Hallam (widow), Mr and Mrs N Brooks (daughter and son-in-law representing Mrs J Brooks), Mr D Hallam and Amie (son and partner), Mrs J Hallam (mother), Mr and Mrs A Hallam, Mr and Mrs B Hallam, Mr and Mrs A Hallam, Mr and Mrs L Riddington (Adam, Hayley, Louise Riddington), Eunice Hinson, Brian Wand, Mr and Mrs P Walker, Libby and Matt, Ellie.

Sympathisers included: Pat and Peter Walker (Tony Grange), Enid Overland (Mandy and Nick Cant), Sonia and Denny Knipe, Teresa Virgin, B Green, Sarah Bird, Emma and Shaun Burke (family), Sheila Swiffin, Tanya Ball (Mike, Alfie, Ellie), Ruth Maltby (Paul, Angela and family), Christine Gray (Colin and Christine), Geoff and Pearl Davis-Sheldrick, Denis Gray, John Allen (Longstaff and Co), Lynn and Kevin Jupp (Audrey Walker), Mr D Stubley (family), Carol and David Fiddes (family, Paul, Suzanne, Julie, Janette), BER, Mr and Mrs Terry Robinson, Blayne Stalland (Ron Fife, Birmingham Seeds), Hayden Grooby, John and Gillian Clare, W Pell (Mrs B Pell), Mick and Joan Bradshaw (David and June Bunnage).

Pam Denniston, Alex Denniston, Reg Addy, Mike and Sylvia Prosser, Mrs E Overland (Mandy), Bob and Jenny Brown (Peggy), Joan Brown, Sheila Wilkinson, Janet and Bryan Herd, James Herd (Elizabeth Allen), M Worsdall (M L Worsdall and Son Ltd), Phil and Wendy Welbourn, Beryl Pell, Derek Bower, Norma and Tony Bainbridge (June Boyall), Margaret Parkinson, Mrs J Ketteringham (Alan Ketteringham), Brian Hill (Douglas Freeman), Pat and Neville Palmer, Tom and Dianne Copland, Ian McGlynn, Jeannette Berg, Davina Ferris (family), Jenny Crowson (family), Mr N Phillips, Mrs J Phillips, Bev Trafford (Vicky Brooks, Ian Usher), J Cobley (Ivan Cobley), Philip and Rosemary Hilton, Paul and Anita, Lynne Thorpe, David Phillips (Margaret Phillips), Audrey Thorpe, Mr D Steele, James Johnson, Chris Johnson, Mr and Mrs Christopher Johnson.

Rex Heading (Hilary and Charles Heading), David Heading (Rosemary Heading), Veronica Clare (John Clare), Diana Clare (Michael Clare), 
R Fyfe (GB Seeds), Mr J Scotney (Irene Scotney), Mr and Mrs A Starsmore (family), Sam Cunnington (Shirley Cunnington), Philip Sherwin (family, Philip Leverton), Robert and Margaret Buff (Louise, Sarah and family), Thelma Beeton (Stan Beeton), Angela and Peter Bracewell (family), Roddy and Linda Woodthorpe (family), Trevor Maltby (Jane Maltby), John Sutton, Norma Sutton, Peggy Emmington, Valerie Goodwin, Hedley Walker, Anita Walker, Joyce Rate (Myra, Karl and Kelly Taylor), Brian and Chris Easey (Steven and Sharon Easey, Vic, Linda Starsmore and family), Dolly Wakefield (Tina Wakefield), Roy King (Jackie King), Carol Clarke (Roger), Mr and Mrs R Ivatt (Mick Brudenell), Gemma Ivatt-Grummitt (Mark Grummitt), Robert, Roseanne and Megan Crowson, Penny Avison (Callows), Claire Edwards (Suzie Dodd and Callows), Louise Collison (Suzie), Jude Reist (Jenny and Terry Peear), Mrs S Wilson, Mr and Mrs J Callow and Howard Callow (Andrew Callow, Alison Jackson), Janet Pearce (Alan, Andrew, Michael), Mr C Wilson, Jessie Brudenell, Mrs E Hallam, Una and Peter Lake, Mr and Mrs B Flatters, Linda Branch (Ramm family), John Castley (Sarah Castley), Mr and Mrs J Potter, Sue Potter (NFU), W Cave (family), Jason and Gaynor Parkinson.