Obituary: Brian Russel

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Brian Russel

THE funeral of retired HGV driver, Brian Russel, took place at St Mary’s Church, Ketton, the Rev Andrew Rayment officiating. Interment followed, next to his adored wife Evelyn at Ketton Cemetery.

Mr Russel, of Manor Green, Ketton, died tragically while bowling at Colsterworth, aged 65.

Son of the late Constance and Frank Russel, of Stamford, he attended Fane School, where he excelled, particularly in sport.

In his youth he developed as a talented footballer, and was also a keen runner.

Later he became an excellent snooker player, where his calm approach was an asset. He was also an avid follower of Manchester United.

He married his true love Evelyn Burrows, of Ketton, in 1970, when he was a plant hire manager and they went on to raise a large and loving family.

He became a HGV driver for Ketton Cement (now Hanson Cement) in 1973 and settled quickly into the job, retiring after 35 years, where he made many good friends.

He took immense joy and satisfaction from raising and providing for his children and worked long hours with no complaint.

The family enjoyed annual holidays at Great Yarmouth and Mablethorpe in later years.

He had a great love of comedy and the family shared much laughter between them.

When Evelyn died suddenly in March, 2004, aged 56, Brian sought solace and comfort in his children and grandchildren, who supported him as he had them.

He struggled to get back on his feet, but was later introduced to bowling by his brother John, and during the last year and a half he had begun to take an interest in life once again.

He leaves his daughters Evelyn and Susan and sons Mark, Stephen and Scott.

Family mourners included: Evelyn and James Wells, Jason, Jade and Jarred Russel, Susan and Andrew Hodgett, Carrie and Josee, Mark Russel, Stephen and Alex Russel, Scott and Charlotte Russel and Noah (representing Samuel Russel), Tish and Kane Williams, John and Stephanie Russel, Terry and Frances Russel (family), Christine Russel, Judith Watts (David and Paul), Mrs Donna Martin (Neil, Daisie and Natasha), Mrs Amanda Hannah (Paul, Lauren, Robyn, Megan and Reece), Mr Darren Russel and Luan Atkinson (Beth, Chloe, Ashton and Logan), Joyce and Terry Burrows.

Sympathisers included: Mr B Cunnington, Mr C Wardle, Roger Garner (Mick Bagely), Helen Tilley (David and Ronald), Theresa Burrows (Raymond Burrows), Mr J Dwyer (Mrs M Dwyer), Christine Ockenden (Jose Fox); representing Stamford Bowls Club - Alec and Renee Burt, Peter and Brenda Brown, Tania Morley, Martyn Dolby, Mr and Mrs Brender, Brian Sumner, John Giddings, Carolyn Fraser, Len and Ivy Ward, Peter Herrick, Helga Ellis, Michael Baines and Geoff Pool; Mick Couzens, Barry Jesson (Frances and Andy Mears), Clem Walden (Pamela and Justin Walden) Bob Sandall (Mr and Mrs C Bradhsaw, Mr G Bradhsaw), R Parnell, Sue Hippey (Barry and Yvonne and Tony Crow), Pat and John Fountain, Mr D Walker (Mrs J Broadhurst and family), Ray Naylor, Margaret Grainger, Ann Holmes, Brian Reedman (Jane Reedman, John and Daphne Hawkins), Martin Hewitt (Richard and Valerie Allam, STBC); Mr and Mrs B Grosse, Mike Warner and Kevin Atter (CBC), Wendy Brader, William Brader, Emma and Jane Waterfall (Rachel Waterfall), John and Karen Stubbs (R Stubbs, G Musgrove), Lyn Whatling (Neil Plant Hire), Alan and Sue Butcher, Neil Callaghan and Terry Neals (Hanson Cement), David Rippin, Ray Govier, John and Deborah Hudson, Martin Engel, Bob Rae, Sarah Ayling, Hannah Jckson, Pete Christian, Kathleen Hicks, Dickie Davie (Ray and Jane Davies, Stuart Skinner, Graham Peters, 80s snooker gang), Mr and Mrs Middleton, D Swann (R Morley), I Marrs, T Broadley, Mr and Mrs T Griffin, Shirley and Pat (Brian Malcolm and families), Beth Shone (Clifford Shone), Janet Bowden, Phil Jacklin, Alastair and Elisabeth Stirling, Mr Geoff Wells, Mrs Heather Wells, Cherry Hodgett (Dawn and Simon Cooters family), Dennis Attwood (Pat Kew), Bill Manten, Derrick Marjoram, Peter Bisseker (St Mary’s Church), Michael Smalley, Alan, J Wilson, Roy Prestice, G Sandall, M Pike (M Gray), Mr and Mrs Ray Graham (T Waterfall and Lilley family), Mr Douglas Mears, Noel and June Chatwin (Mr and Mrs John Curtis), Melanie, Martin, Lauren, Imogen and Elijah, Mrs Maria and Paul Durrant (Natalie, Samantha, Betty James and Mrs Sandra Preston), Samantha Burrows (Maureen and Bob Burrows), Roz and Roisin Conde (Gary and Luke Conde, Ashley Wilcock), Val and Nick Hart, Len Marshall jnr (Len Marshall snr, Jan Marshall and STBC).