Obituary: Christopher Chipperfield

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Christopher Chipperfield

CHRISTOPHER (Chris) Chipperfield, of Pinewood Close, Bourne, died unexpectedly at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 68.

He was the son of the late Sidney and Joan Chipperfield, and was educated at Altrincham Grammar School and Hollings College, Manchester.

A trainee accountant, Chris worked as a purser on the Empress of England before becoming a hotel manager, accountant and district auditor with Trusthouse Forte. He was company accountant at Melbourns Brewery and company secretary at Parkers, before retiring as cashier at solicitors, Double and Megson of Bourne.

He was treasurer of Bourne Twinning Association and a member of Stamford Gilbert and Sullivan Players and Concert Party and keen supporter of Manchester City Football Club and Lancashire County Cricket Club. His hobbies included computer programming, music, singing, opera, foreign travel and all sport on TV. He also enjoyed entertaining friends and family.

Well loved and well thought of by everyone who knew him, he leaves his widow Anita, son Michael, daughter Eleanor and grandchildren.

A private cremation took place at Marholm, followed by a celebration for his life at Bourne United Reformed Church. The Rev Robert Sheard officiated and Mrs Lynn Williamson was organist. Donations were made to The Well Head Centre and British Heart Foundation.

Family mourners included: Anita Chipperfield (widow), Kenneth McCormick, Michael Chipperfield, Vittoria Chipperfield, Zachary Chipperfield, Eleanor Chipperfield, Chris and Frank Batham, Bev Chipperfield (representing Oliver and Josh Chipperfield), Colin and Jane Lindop, Roy Lindop (Heather Lindop), Nigel Lindop, Tony McCormick (Lili and Jeremy McCormick), Cheryl McCormick, Phil McCormick, Jeanine McQuarrie, John and Euan McQuarrie, Ron McCormick, Valerie McCormick, Christopher McCormick (Helen, Cody and Megan McCormick), Fiona Robinson (Peter Cassim, Zara Robinson). John and Kathleen Megson (Tara Megson, Margaret and Adrian Smith), Richard Megson (Heidi Megson, Suzanne and Nick Purcell), Joan Collins, Frank and Carol Reeves, Clare Good (Chris Good, Rowan and Flynn Greg and Emma Hammond), Julie Taylor (Derek and Frances Yarnell), Paul and Carol Double, Oliver and Alison Plumley (Kerri Arden, Craig Plumley, Judith Richardson, Janet Dowse), Duncan Allen, Cherry Hodgett, Allan Crowson, Geoff Guest, Lawrence Lewis, Anne Harkness, Ann Turner, Di Jackson, Dot Dolby, Jilly Pugh, Liz and Nic Knight, Jean Hadlow, Liz Hill, Kirsty Warn, Carol Atkins (Bourne Twinning), Elizabeth Banks and Hazel Hiley (Stamford United Reformed Church), Mrs Ruth Bradley, Caroline Chadderton, Judith Chappell, Bill Clark (Joan Clark), Terry and Lynda Connellan (Roger and Josie Macey), Brenda and Graham Crane (family), Ann Crump (Val Swain), Doug Dear, Julian Fairweather, Audrey Fenney, John Fisher-Smith (Paul Fisher-Smith), Pam and Dennis Fitzjohn, John and Sue Fordham (Alain and Marie-Jo Verhamme, Regis and Mimisaul), Kimberley Fowler, Margaret Fox, Dr and Mrs R Fuller, Charles Green (Salvation Army), Brenda Hammond, Dr Mike Hammond (Stamford Gilbert and Sullivan), Danik Humble, Jim and Betty James, Jim and Brenda Jones (Bourne Civic Society), Bob Kelly (Stamford Gilbert and Sullivan, David Billings), Bob Leyland (Stamford Bridge Club), Pam Lofthouse, Brian and Carol Lound, Dean McAllister, Dr and Mrs M McGregor, Shirley Maile (Family History Society), Elizabeth Malone (Tony Pignatiello), Alex and Louise Moores (Jim Inwood), Rosemarie Nyaranga, Pauline O’Brien (Chris and Barbara Rojek), June Oliver (Kurt Sauter), Ian and Jenny Oxby, Derek Page (Elizabeth Page, Ann Hewitt), Angela Palmer and Sandra Noble (Noble family), Beth Panter (Keith Panter), Rachel Parsissons (Barry Parsissons, Ian Ferguson, Trevor French, Rod Dawkin, Doreen Walsh), Lesley Patrick and family (Bourne Twinning Association, Barbara Coleman, Mr and Mrs Peter Putterill), Janice and Norman Paskin (The Well Head Centre), Philip and Alison Pettitt (Sarah Crown and family, Edwina Richards), John Potter (Wayne and Stuart Potter), Sue Potter (Jackie and Ken Butcher), Alison Quinlan (The Healing Rooms, Bourne), Judy and Sid Reedshaw (Ann and Michael Gibson, Bourne United Reformed Church), Corinne Rodgers, Reg and Hester Rooke, Barbara Williams, Peter and Gladys Rowland, Petronella Sanders, David and June Scotney, Phillip and Margaret Sendall, Shanta, Sue, Liz (Double and Megson, Deeping), Maureen Sibborn (Lilian McCarthy), Richard Simpson (Judith Simpson), John and Judy Smith (Yvonne Elmer, David and Helen Smith), Lynne Smith, Grahamme Sorfleet, Jane Stanley, Paul and Mary Stark, Mrs P Stennett, Fran and Audrey Stonebridge, Rita Stubbs (Double and Megson, Bourne, Tony Stubbs), Mike and Maria Taylor, Joyce Turner, Karen Edwards, Doreen Spencer (Andy Hanford, Bourne Twinning Association), Ray and Chris Vokes, Ken and Margaret Wainwright (James and Ami Wainwright and family, James and Liz Salmon and family, Peter and Sue Slowey), Richard and Ernestine Wells, Jean West, Viv Wilson (family), Marjorie and Mike Wright (Tracey Mason), Richard Wood (Dawn Wood, Andrew and Anthony), Merryn and Peter Woodland.