Obituary: Clifford Marston

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The funeral service for Clifford Marston, of Newtown Crescent, Uppingham, took place at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Uppingham, Canon Rachel Watts officiated and Steve Wright gave the eulogy.

Clifford died in a tragic road traffic accident on the A6006, aged 66.

He was born in Falkirk, the son of the late Thomas and Jeanie Marston and at an early age he moved with his family to live in Uppingham, his father’s original home.

He was educated at Uppingham Secondary Modern School and Melton Technical College. On leaving school he served an apprenticeship as a carpenter with Ray Dalby and also became a part-time retained fireman.

He worked for various builders before becoming director of Marston Construction Ltd and Hamblin and Marston Ltd. He then became a project manager at Fernbrick Ltd for Mr Allen.

He married Janice in 1972 and they had three children, all of whom enjoyed a wonderful childhood and have fond memories of their dad, who loved spending time with them. Even having grown up he showed great interest in what they did and shared any concerns that they may have been experiencing and encouraged them when they were unsure.

A freemason for many years, he was a member of Uppingham in Rutland Lodge and became Worshipful Master of the lodge in 1997.

He became a member of Heritage Lodge in Corby and eventually Master of that lodge in 1998. He was later appointed to the office of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, of which he was deservedly proud.

He had an interest in old buildings, history and architecture and his hobbies included golf, motorcycling, outdoor pursuits, cooking and social gatherings.

Cliff will be greatly missed by his family and friends. He leaves his widow Janice, children Cheryl, Dean and Angie, grandson Alfie and granddaughter Nicole.

Family mourners included: Janice Marston (widow), Cheryl Marston, Dean Marston (representing Alfie), Angela Marston (Nicole), Ken Marston, Joan Page, Jill Marston, Dave Sutcliffe, Edward and Mellisa Marston, Michael Marston, Robert Marston, Hollie Marston, Mat Hall, Kate Woolf, Ashley Woolf, Laura Harding, Daniel Blinkhorn, Edward Marston, Lavinier Barnett, Nina Tilley, Lisa Bearne, John Bearne (Debbie Browne), Andrew Bearne.

Sympathisers included: Joanna Tonaikis, Jemma Tonaikis, Lewis Tonaikis, Matthew and Jan Allen, Simon Allen, Laura Allen, Georgina Smith, Sarah Duncombe, Carol Gilson, Maria Bennett, Steve and Evelyn Wright, Shirley Harris (Richard Harris), Jean and Alan Wright (Caroline Wright), Debbie Higley (Nick Higley), Sheila Culpin, Norman Gilman (John Gilman), Roger and Frances Freeman, Claude Smith (Linda Glover), Kenneth Ellard, Paul Richie and William Oldfield (Yealand Manor), 
Philip and Alison Axon, Janet Scott.

Nigel and Kerrie Barfield (Nikki, Becky, Mim Barfield), Martin and Jenny Dalby (family), Jamie Clarke, Jamie Everington, G W Dalby and Sons Builders, Joan Morais, Carolyn Wright, Wanda and Terry Barfield, Helen Barr (Jackson Building Centre), Paul Witlock, Matthew Vaughan, Mark Bowen (A Outwin), John and Sue Webster (Mary Holmes), Sue Nourish (Jean Dorman); Jeff Freeman, J Gamble, Clive Chenery and Mike Coleman (Heritage Lodge), G Cole, Andrew Winham (Peter Hamblin), Westley Jolly (Lisa Jolly), Tanya Clarke (Danny Jolly), Dawn Griggs (Philip and kids), Chris Brockbank (Peter), Vi Clarke, Min and Norman Tomson (Clare and Tony Wilks, Sandra and Eric Dolby), Christine Blakey, John Young, Robert Linnell, Nic Merrett, Bernie and Alison Docherty, Rod Wadsley, Samantha and John Hathaway, Maureen Beever (John Beever), June and Roy Daykin, Janet and Simon Linnell (Kath Grace), Paul Knapp (Cliff and Heather Knapp), Lynn Stewart, John Green (Sally Green), John Marzec (Kathy Moirden), Susie Wilkins, John Rawlings (Sarah Hill), Jon Wilson, Jim and Jill Macduff (Jo and Martin Macduff), Peter Thorpe (Paul Thorpe, Ella Thorpe), Ingrid Thorpe, Pam Hern (Mick Clarke, Paul Hern), Stewart Holford, A Durrant, Mary Binder, Yvonne and Graham Everington, Kate Markless, Pat Saunders, R Bartsch, Glyn Jones (Rutland CC Building Control).

Mr T Griffiths (Mrs M Griffiths), Mr T M Griffiths (W Griffiths), Mary, Dennis and Kath Atkinson, Ian and Christine Hackney (K N Telfen), Cilla McKie (family, Roy and Julia Dumford), Craig and Andrea Dean (Victoria, James and Scott), Marc Oxley, Chris Adams, Donald and Frances Buchanan, Jean and Ray Thorpe (Mich and Dave Thorpe), Roy and Angela Hathaway (Ian and Sarah and family, Dora Alibone), Denny and Sue Barnett, S Kneale (Kay and Paul), Tom Johnson (Trish, James and Louise Buxton), Mrs K Buzzard (Anne and Alison), Emma Forsythe and family, Tracey and David Johnson and family, N Traylen (Mrs P Traylen), Debbie Sedgwick (Leighfield School staff), Lionel Cunnington (Leighfield School Governors), Jill Breeze, Phil Holland (Laura Holland), Keith Crellin (Uppingham in Rutland Chapter and Multum In Parvo Lodge).

Christine and Robert Ellingworth, Lesley Rugg (Rees family), Billy Kulke (Zen James), Philip Camm (Jane Camm, Grovanna Camm), Philip Berridge, Jane Greenlaw (Celia, Georgina Sear, Tim Burfoot), Julia Baines, Richard and Jean Jeffs (Mary Holmes), Valerie Booth (Trevor Booth), Alice and David Tranmar, G Greenhill, Rebecca Buxton, Sally and Brian Kirby (Mr R Smith), Frank McEuan (Rita), June Daykin (Betty Bent, Sue and Mark Nichols and family), Margaret Towell (Robert and Carey Lankester), Murielle Rudd, Dianne Colingwood-Rudd, Richard Kendrick (Sandra Kendrick), Graham Kendrick (Joanna Kendrick), Lucy Bradshaw, Mrs B Cullen, Clive Reeves, Lorraine Evans and Alan Burrows (Fred and Flo Evans, Betty and Arthur Evans), Marcus Toth (Abbey Allison), Kerri Lettin, D Taylor, Malcolm Bradshaw, Martin Bradshaw (Margo Bradshaw), Colin Dalby (John Dalby, Shirley Dalby), Joanne Marston (Jaden Marston, Caroline Dalby), Roy Collins, Ken Tilley, Tony Fowell (June and John Spencer), Peter and Janet Marlow, Leah Marlow, Iris Pollard (Mrs M Gray), Isobel Joyce, Wayne Clarke, Michael and Carol Blackwell, Joanna and Geoff Kirk (Deborah Laverick).

Shaun and Sarah Dalby (Linda Cullen and family), Kayleigh Dalby, John Twigger (Jan Twigger), Stephen Berridge (Sue and family, Peggy Berridge and family, Uppingham Community College), Jackie Smith, Carole Smith (Mike, Louise, Richard, Nick Barfield), Jacqui Salt (Nicola Wright), Adi and Jo Salt (G B Welding Services, Rutland), G Hems, David Poore, David Jackson (Northants and Huab Masonic), Alf and Sheila Barnett (John and Doreen Cowling), Frances and Dorothy Tyers, Sandra Brand (Adrian and family), Trevor Dumford (Jean and Kevin Dumford), Stephen Bowen, Sue White (Barclays), Robert and Karen Salt (A & I Salt and family), Mr and Mrs J Nourish (D Tabram, J Tabram), Mr W Nourish.

Duncan Burton (Uppingham Fatstock Show), Dennis Wright (Dorothy Wright), Linda Hern (Dave Hern), Mark Bennett, Kathleen Newby, Micky Henwood, Michael and Julie Culpin (Sarah and Edward Culpin), Rebecca Culpin (Emily Culpin), John Collins (Joanne, Ben, Max), Jose Fruin, Trevor Jolly, Lewis Buckby, Jane Pickering (Frances Bent), Lianne Dalby, Pastor and Mrs P Damen (Uppingham Congregational Church, Daphne Thomas), Christine Pilgrim, Robin Tyers, Ria and Danny Hern, Philip Dalby, Charlie Scott (Uppingham Town Cricket Club, Sue and Anne Scott, Jane Brant), Sue Berridge, Matthew, Pip and Olly (Sally and Frank Cox).

Charles Tassell (Doreen and Stuart Bilsden), Kim Miller (Diane and Robin Bartsch, Jim Miller), Muriel and Iva Horspool (family), Michael Chambers (Christine Chambers, Alan and Jill Breeze), T Dalby (Anne and family), Ian and Lisa Salt (family), Gerry and Adam Salt, Eric and Linda Dalby, Nipsy cross, Dave Bower (Claire Bower), John Knew (Freemasons), Mr and Mrs J Zoltanski (Betty Pollard), Sharon Aumais (Gary, Katie and David Aumais), Michael and Sheila Chapman, Roger Dalby (Brenda Dalby), Mark Cadwallader (Susan, John David and Peter Cadwallader), Mark Cryer (Marion Cryer, Judy Fisher), Paul and Ann Logue (family, Mrs B Grace, Christopher), George and Maria Smith, Richard and Anna Wilkinson (Izzy, Lydia, Freddie), Marcia and Steve Christian (Ron and Jan Christian, Judy Berridge), Charlie and Sue Dalby, Keith and Mary Collins (Sheila Stainsby), George Smith, Rob Newby, Les Clarke.