Obituary: Daphne Whitburn

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Daphne Whitburn

DAPHNE Whitburn, of Uffington Road, Barnack, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 75.

She was the eldest of four children born to Joseph and Win Farmery, of The Bungalow, Barnack, and was educated at Barnack School and Arthur Mellows Village College. She had lived in Barnack all her life.

Following a childhood illness at the age of three, she suffered with deafness but still lived life to the full.

Before retirement she worked for Cascelloid of Stamford and various local jobs.

She married Tex Whitburn in 1963 at Barnack Church after meeting him on a day-trip to Southend. They had three children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. She spent many happy hours teaching her grandchildren nursery rhymes and her favourite hymns.

A member of Barnack Darby and Joan Club and the Acres Social Club, she also enjoyed gardening, bingo, cooking and knitting.

Widow of Brian (Tex) Whitburn, who died in 1994, she leaves her son Mark, daughters Beverley and Marie, grandchildren Thomas, Michael, Jodie, Charmaine, Briony, Katie and George and great granddaughter Ruby.

Daphne was a very special member of the family who will be fondly remembered and dearly missed by everyone.

Canon Margaret Venables officiated at the funeral service at St John The Baptist Church, Barnack. Elizabeth Snowball was organist.

Family mourners included: Mark and Amanda Whitburn, Jodie Whitburn, Charmaine Whitburn, Briony Whitburn, Beverley Robinson, Larry Knights, Thomas Robinson and Rebecca Goldsmith (representing Ruby), Michael Robinson, Marie and Ian Burley (Katie and George), Marie and Curly Fortnum, Carl and Julie Fortnum (Samuel and Amy), Rachel Fortnum-Adams (Chris, Joseph and Georgia), Jazz and Tess Leverton, Fiona Leverton (Kai), Hannah Leverton, Barbara Farmery, Alison Farmery, Terry and Nikki Whitburn, Jackie Griffin (family), Melanie Ali (family), Judy and Mick Bond, Gary Bond (Felicity), Paula Adaway (Neil and family), Sue and Pete Sheridan, Nick Sheridan (Gemma and Joel), Michael and Carol Farmery and Maxine.

Sympathisers included: Cheryl McRoyall (Richard, Guy, Debbie and families), Mr C Ketley (Judith, Adam and Amy Ketley and family), Dusty Miller (Eileen and Stephen), Dave and Jenny Jones, Emma and Martin, Peggy and John Boyle, Ivan and Jackie Pearson, Vinnie and Sue Porter, Steve Porter (Sue and Ryan), Robert and Tracy Porter (Jack), Mr Paul Robinson, Mr R and Mrs E Robinson, Mr J and Mrs P Glitherow, Brian and Jane Reedman (Norman and Joana Parker), Isabella and Hugh McCormick, Frances Heeley (David Heeley), Mr and Mrs N Perry (family), Eileen Pateman, Kathleen Clarke (Valerie and Mick Kettleborough), Kathleen Swann, Georgina Welsh (Richard Welsh), Mr and Mrs George Lee (family), Tracy Rippon (family), Joyce Harris (Jocky and family), Brenda Smith (Barnack Methodist Church), Perry and Judy, Roger Pargeter (Una, Thomas, Jack, Patricia and Paul), Harold and Margaret Croft (family), Sheila Watts (Trevor Watts, Mr and Mrs R Southwell, May Southwell, Stacey and Howard, Ken Green), Kathy Patel (Baz, Sadie, Serena, Lauren and Ella-Mae, Mr and Mrs Grimmer, Mr and Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs Wiggington), Rod and Margaret Watts, Daisy Brown (Gwen USA, Brenda Canada), Joyce Racher (Don, Carole and Neil), B Hodgson and M Hodgson (Val and Martin Dawson ), Janet Farrer (Peter, post office), Wendy Bell (Geoff Bell, Mrs P Sindall), Amanda Gregory, Chloe Gregory (Andrew, Louis and Ella Gregory), Linda Kelham (Edward Kelham), Mrs S Taylor (family), Elizabeth Snowball, Linda Berzins (family and Lilian Bell), Pam Woodbridge (Jessica, Katie and family), Mrs C Steer (family), Heather and Melvyn Musgrove (family), Richard John Snowden, Trish and Brian Doyle, Mr D Wade, Tony and Norma Bainbridge (Mark and Sally), Jill Chappell, Shirley and Phillip Snowden, Judith and Maurice Wade, Diane and Nicola Mead (Steve and Stephen Mead), Pam Mead (Tony Mead, Tanya, Jon, Connor and Ida Fox), Mrs F Hadnam (Louise Overend), George and Jeannie Burbage, Yvonne Goodwin, Mrs D Laughton (Mr and Mrs R Stafford ), Mr D Hare, Brian and Vera Green (Lorna Curtis), Margaret Ives, June Woollard, Mrs Shirley Beresford, Brian and Maura Goodwin (family), Mr R Burley (family), Dolly Walters (Campbell), Norah Oliver, Ivy Cater, Gill and Phill Stafford, Mavis Sharpe (Gwen Green, Darby and Joan Club), Elaine Ward (Darby and Joan Club, Terry Rawlings), Mrs Eunice Hudson, Mrs Christine Bradshaw, Pat Kew, Gillian Kew (Ketley family), Pat Smith (Sheila and Derek Fleetwood), Pauline Kew, Bette and Tony Rosling (Rosemay Deacon), M Gale, Bill Campbell, Tracy London, Janet Leverton, Janet and Arthur Lonslow; Issi Briggs, Joan Garrett and Wyn Fuggle (Friendship group).