Obituary: David Kempton

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David Kempton

DAVID Kempton, of Manor View, Ketton, died at Papworth Hospital, aged 64.

David’s father served with the Army in India where David was born and educated.

He worked as a carpenter, taxi driver and also with earth moving vehicles and his interests included football, dancing, rock ‘n’ roll, woodwork and painting.

He leaves his partner partner of 18 years, Mavis Miller.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev Anthony Rayment officiating.

Family mourners included: Mavis Miller,, Charles and Dorothy Kempton (brother), Marina and Terry Turner (sister), Joe, Valerie and Sonia Kempton (brother), Barry and Ann Kempton (brother), Clarrisa Kempton (sister), Paul, Mandy, Lee, Colin Kempton, Pat, Steve, Alice, Carol and Andrew Wright, Russell Miller, Thomas and Penny Ibbetson, Peter and Sandra Mullholland, Ann Holiman, Michael and Pauline Vines, Christine and Ron Bennett, Diane and Lee Formsa, Paula and Phil Jackson, Joan, Wendy and Danielle Bontoft, Andy and Debbs Blake, Sue and Trevor Murthwaite, Pete and Pat Glover (representing Home Town Rock ‘n’ Roll Band).

Sympathisers included: Michael and Brenda Rayment, Stuart and Sandra Coward, John and Thelma Amps, Dawn and Gary Wade, Len and Beryl Cox, Jack and Gill Borland, Alex Smith, Lindsey and Stuart Chiverton, Peter and Wendy Leesing, Alf and Rose Charlton, Rosemary and John Weston, Pat Groom, Marion Pridmore, Anne McQuistan (John McQuistan, Janet Couzens), Sandra and Dave, Greg and Jan, Anne and Nev Patter, Mr and Mrs K Kefford, Ronald Tilley (Mrs Dorothy Tilley and family, Ketton Healthy Walking Group), Mr and Mrs Jack Bone (Mrs D Wright), Wally and Judy Horton, David Pidgeon (Emily), Julie Williams, Pat and John Fountain, John Harrington and Janet (Ketton Walking Group), Peter and Glenys Edwards (John and Wendy Phillips), Pauline Jones (Mel and Pat Phillips), Janet and David Parker (Nora and Fred Gardner), Rick and Jean Salmon (The Intruders), Maureen and David Cupit (Home Town Rock ‘n’ Roll), Paula and Phil, Trev and Sue Murthwaite (David Kemp), D Dennis (Jessica Dennis), Terry Pridmore (Ketton Sports darts team), Joyce and John Bird (Robin and Nicky Frith, Di and Alan Horner, Ketton Sports),