Obituary: Doreen Bell

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The funeral of Doreen Bell, of Cresswell Drive, Cottesmore, took place at St Nicholas Church, Cottesmore, Diane Creasey officiating.

Mrs Bell died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 51, after a three year battle against cancer, bravely fought.

She was the daughter of George and Jessie Bennett and was educated at Cottesmore Primary School and Casterton College.

On leaving school she became a librarian assistant at Oakham Library, where she worked until ill-heath forced her retirement.

A keen sportswoman when she was younger, she played tennis, hockey and squash. She also enjoyed listening to music, reading, spending time with her family, cooking and gardening.

She leaves her widower Stephen, son Jamie, granddaughter Mischa and parents George and Jessie.

Family mourners included: Stephen Bell, Jamie Watson and partner Lexie Stevens, Mischa Watson, George and Jessie Bennett, Mari and Mark, Sue and Tony, Bernard and Shirley Bell, Howard Bell, Cedrick Bell, Kathleen Richardson, Andrea and Neil Dawkins, Mandy and Simon Mallion, Jason, Graham, Darren and Hazel Marshall, Chris and Eric Bell, Jason and Gillian Bell, Christine and Julie Wallace (representing Vera Bennett, Carol and Les Cottrel), Kathleen Loins, John and Maureen Briggs, Angela and Ivan Pollard, Bob Bennett, Peter and Jack Bennett (family), Gary and Jo Coleman (Bennett family).

Sympathisers included: Louise, Andrew, Emily, Daniel Smith (Viv Butcher, Joyce Green, Michael Glover, Green family), Colin and Bev, Steph, Jane Smith, Yvonne Smith, Jeremy Eason (James and Jessica), Janice Walters, Rollie and Debbie Eason (Ollie, 
Ben, Tom), Tina Pettevils (Pettevils and Scott family),
Ivy Maxwell (family), Deborah and Ian Small, Paul and Vicky Chrisp (Wendy and Kevin 
Bull), Diane Burton (Robert), Gemma Mann (Doreen and Cheryl), Stephen, Natalie Wharton, Joe and Luke Small, Mark Glover, Craig and Ashleigh Rigby, Paul and Teresa Curley, Andy Miller.

Phil Charles, Tony Fielding (Melanie Castle and family), Rosemary Ray, Kelly Ball (Violet, Bernard, Shani, Sally and James Bull), Nick Barker, Jess Lewis, Kate Stevens, Barbara Clark (Barry), Jill Crowdon (Reid family), Mandy Frisby (Paul and Joshua), Chris and Jane Manby (Alice and Josh), Jim, Pearl, Wilfred Dalby, Clive Halladay (family), Robert Inch (Dee and family, Greetham Valley GC), Noel Burford (Penny).

Mark and Judy Chapman (Martin), Tom, Hazel Slater, Linda Smith (Anne-Marie, Stuart Hibbett), Curtis Markland, Geoff, Christine Gregory (Sarah and Karen), Dave Bell and Carol Spencer (John Bell), Bryson and Jennifer Sellers, Paul and Phillipa Bell, Jane Kean (Steven, Mark, Amy), Jim Latto (Michelle), Jane Prescott (Jim, Michael), Kate and Ian Kellham, Tommy Trigg, Carol (Alan Bainbridge), Brian Martin (Jennifer Laidler), Carol Stafford (Louise and Will), Neal and Christine (John Niel), Vernon Stokes, Rita Niel (Emma Marshal and family), Terry Marshall (Emily Marshall), Shirley Smith and family (Beverley Lighton, Margaret Towel, Sarah Hale, Richard Lane), Cath Stafford (Sheila and Andrew Stafford, Pat and Graham Russon).

Jean Heath (family), Betty Walker (Anne Bland), Connie Dalby (Karen and Bryan Marshall), Marion Sharpe (Andrew), Karen Carter, Maxine Saywell (Vernon Stokes), Rachel Ellis, Andy and Margaret Weston, Bill Cotton, representing library - Janice Beech, Anne Cook, Jamie and Linda Healey (Georgia Healey), Helen and Don McGarigle, Janice and Trevor Christie, Pam Beaver, Marylyn Jackson (Uppingham Library).