Obituary: Dot Taylor

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Dot Taylor

Dot Taylor, of Haconby Lane, Morton, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 87.

Educated in Rippingale, she worked as a farm worker and tractor driver when she was younger and also served with the Land Army. She enjoyed watching cricket and was a member of the OAP Club in Rippingale.

Widow of Edward, she leaves her son David.

Mourners included: David and Gill Taylor, Mark and Emma Taylor, Josephine Walker, Monica and Roger Ashdown, Christopher and Debbie Pearce, Charlotte and Toby family, David Steven Ashdown (representing Gemma and Kayleigh), Maxine Gribben, Adam, Ben and family.

Mr and Mrs T Grange, T Grange, Joan Mason, M Cottam, Needham family, Brenda McGrath, Graham Mitchell, Mrs E Francis, Geoff Smith, Jo and Tom Smith, Sharon Turner, Chris Thorold, Paul and Sally Thorold, Graham Thorold, Barbara Thorold, Mr and Mrs W Darley, Mrs J Mason, Mr R Richardson, Mike and Jean Osborn, Olwen Dunford, John and Mary Richardson, Mark and Joanne Richardson, Anne Hedger, Jenny Gray, Margaret Blythe, Ann and Mick Sharpe, Brian and Betty Benton, Mr and Mrs Grummitt, Mrs Quinn, Mr D Grummitt, Jenny Mason, Mr and Mrs J Wade, Mr and Mrs Jeff Hyde, John and Stella Clark (Terence and Laura and family, Clarks Engineering), David Exton, Pauline and Dennis Exton, Alan Gray, Eileen and David Stubbs, Mr and Mrs M Copley (family), Mrs C Richards, Mrs B Robinson, Mr J Salmons, Mr F Woods, Pearl Dickinson, Sandra Wilson, Wink Wakefield, Louise Eason, Annie Berry, David and Sue Grange and family.

Pat Tomkins (Chris and Rachael Tomkins), Helen Barrett, Christine Baldock, Dot and Ted Kelby (family), Bill and Sheila Walker (B and J Walker), John Mason (John, Rachel and family), Richard Mason (Richard, Lea and family), Bert and Barbara Robinson, Mr and Mrs Ron Gash, Nickki Gash (Sally, Dean, Kirsty Gash), Mr A Bonnett (Mrs E Bonnett), Trish Waldeck, Barbara and Dick Durno (Duncan, Mark and Shaun), Marilyn Mills, Bill Middleton and Edwina Male (Tim and Gill Sleight, Barbara Engledow), Tina Binns, Dick Latter (Topsy Latter), Joan Milgate, Angela Smeeth, Julie Bozowskyj, Nora and Roy Wilson, Wendy Reynolds (Dot Magier, Candy Pellett, district nurses), Mrs F Clark (Mrs I Talton, Rippingale Friendship Club), Mrs S Wilson (Mr R Wilson), Anne and Colin Dickinson (Shelagh Graves), Julie Green (Denny Green), Helen Barratt (Rachel and Suzannah), Nev Taylor, Pat Tomkins, Mr and Mrs Cecil Taylor (family), Mr J Christian (Mr and Mrs J Christian).

Keith Wesley (Edith Wesley), Lucy Taylor (Daisy and Tansy), Rita Dorling (Paul Dorling, Jessica O’Rourke), Mr and Mrs Mick Hare, Mr and Mrs J Mason (family), Mrs A Bagworth, Mrs M King, Mary and John Coddington, Maurice Dickinson, Mr A Cook, Joan Rouse (family), Andrew Dickinson, Sarah Scott (James Scott), G Templeman, John and Mary Richardson (Bim Bellamy), Beryl Grange, Nora and Roy Wilson, Pansy and Pete Mason, Mr and Mrs P Watkin.