Obituary: Edward Middleton

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Edward Middleton

THE funeral service for Edward (Ted) Middleton, of Lincoln Road, Stamford, took place at St George’s Church, Stamford, the Rev David Oxtoby officiated and John Chambers was organist. Interment at Stamford Cemetery followed. Donations were made for St Mary’s Medical Centre, Stamford.

Ted died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 90.

Son of the late Sarah and Edward Middleton, he was educated at schools in Stamford and became a professional boxer while also working in various foundries as a moulder and sheet metal worker until he burned his eye in an accident in the early 70s. He then worked as a hospital porter at Stamford Hospital until his retirement.

In the Second World War he served with the Army and his passion for boxing continued.

During the 60s and 70s he served as a Special constable with Stamford police. When Stamford Boxing Club was formed, he loved to go along and watch the young lads box, and tell them about his days as a professional boxer.

A member of Blackstones Sports and Social Club, Cummins Social Club and Gala Bingo Club in Peterborough, his interests included playing bowls and bingo, watching TV (especially boxing and Chelsea FC), and gardening. He also enjoyed helping his neighbours cut their hedges.

Widower of Muriel and Daphne Middleton, he leaves his children Violet, John, Sylvia, Brian and Julie, grandchildren Tracy and Andy, Sonia and Sharon, Sarah, Vicky and Darren and Lucy, and great grandchildren Stephen and Louise, Zane, Sonny and Rocco, Eden and Reuben and Lacey, all of whom he loved being with.

Family mourners included: Violet and George Vines, John and Loue Middleton, Sylvia and Tim Smith, Brian and Sarah Middleton, Julie and Tony Gibbons, Tracy and Darren Harris (representing Stephen and Louise), Andrew Vines, Sonia and Hughie Hunter, Sharon and Glen Dalrymple, Sarah Smith and Steven Edwards, Lucy Middleton (Lacey Middleton, Jools Kennedy), Vicky and Darren Middleton, Zane and Sonny (Rocco), Eden and Reuben, Pat Bartlett and Vanessa (family), Richard Szymanski, J Middleton (T Middleton), G Middleton, Phil Middleton (family), Nick and Tracy Denton (Barttlett/Middleton families), Sheridon Hall (family), Audrey, Bernard and John Holmes, Eileen Adams (Patricia Adams), Mrs Margaret Palmer (family), Mrs P Exton and Mr F Wade (Cummins Social Club), Mrs Margaret Green (Keith and Jackie Green), Stephen Green (Rosie and Josie Flynn), Bob Green (Mr and Mrs P Green), Mavis Thurlby (Kevin and family, Sylvia Collins and family), Margaret (Kettering), D Sargeant (P Culpin), Grace and Charlie Brown (family), Polly and Graham Giddings (family).

Sympathisers included: Penny Frisby, Enid Smith (Christopher, Cathy and family), Christine and Keith Brown (family), Maurice Downs (Beryl, Alan Wilson and family), C Thorpe, Michael Morley (Barbara Morley, George Steel), Mr C Barnes, G Dalrymple and C Barnes (Pat Coulson). Sylvia Earl, (D Bull), Simon Youngs (Donna and family), Kevin Ward (Sally Ward), Tony Brooks (older colleagues), Joe Clapton (Ann Clapton and family), Mr Clary Chapman (Mrs P Halliwell), W Wilson, Mrs Mary Pape and Mrs Jane Pape (Adrian Pape, Janet Smart), Betty Garratt (Sid Garratt), Jean Hill (family), Mr E Fiers (Mrs O Fiers), Howard Jessop, Bella Buttress (D & R Lane), Doreen Manton (Angela and Ian Adams), Syd Crook (Millie Crook and family), Mrs B Long (Mr R Long and family), Mrs D Jones (Mr R Jones).

Dot Salorg (family), Cliff and Ivy Goodes (Julie and Paula), May Hodgett, Tony Windsor (Bet Vellam), Rosemary and Martin Vines, Beryl and John Ingham (Dale Gibson), Gerry Corby (Wally Kettle), Angela Mitchell (Frank Cook), Linda Britten (Carol and Barry Britten), Mr and Mrs D Edwards (family), Nigel Perry (family), Freda Betts, Maggie Cooper, Michael and Sheila Owens (Mrs Peggy Owens and family), Julie Dalton, John Binder (Diane, John, Andrew), Tina Macey (Rosanne and Daniel Macey), Alan Dolby (Barry Mills), Spike Aspinall (family), Sandra Whittle (Kevin Whittle), Beverley MacPherson (Sue and Marilyn), Carol Davies (Stella Fountain Graham), Pam Clark (Alan Fox), Martyn Bentham, Arthur and Jill Durrant, Roy and Bet Middleton, Ken Popple, Janice and Bruce Neilson, Carol and Tony Christian and family (Lilley family), Kelvin Copp, Ann Bowen, Allan Mitchell, Joan Rickett (family), Shirley and Tony Greaves (Steve, David Rickett and families), Rod and Betty Munton, Colin Young, Mr and Mrs Rick Green (Stamford Boxing Club), Ron and Barbara Bush (Kath Welsh and family), Mrs Joy Knight (Mr Tim Knight), Mr and Mrs P Rickett (Mr and Mrs P Burton and family), John Harrisson (Kathy Harrisson and Cummins Club).

Jenny and Zoe Dwyer (family), Mark Giddings (Nathan Durrant), Della Clarke (Brian Clarke and family), Mick Garner (Blackstones Sports and Social Club), Shirley Burke (Gerard Burke), Bill Waters (family), Mr and Mrs R Harrison, Pat Kavanagh (Maggie), Brian and Rita Downs (P Nickells), Jim and Eileen Fay, Mr Douglas Mears and family, Henry Jackson, Brenda Stubbs (Stubbs and Couzens family), Frances Lee (Derek Lee and family), Wayne Jones, Mr Taff Jones (Jones family, Sonia in Canada), Mrs M Duff (Mr B Duff), Andrew Curtis (Mrs Glad Foster), Mr and Mrs Ivan Curtis and many more friends.