Obituary: Edwin Bee

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Edwin Bee

THE funeral service for former parish councillor, Edwin (David) Bee, of Church Lane, Edenham, took place at St Michael and All Angels Church, Edenham, the Rev Andrew Hawes officiating. Mr Steve Webb was organist.

Retired from the family milk business in 2004, Mr Bee died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 73.

Son of William (Billy) and Gladys (Polly) Bee, of Grimsthorpe, he was brother to Mary, Alistaire and Philip, and was educated at Edenham Primary School and Bourne Grammar School.

He married Doris at Edenham Church in December 1963.

David enjoyed being with his family and loved parties. When he was younger he enjoyed dancing, ice skating, fishing and going to the sheep dog trials with his cousin John, where he would time-keep.

Involved in all village activities, for 30 years he was chairman of Edenham Parish Council; was chairman of the village hall committee and was also a school governor for Edenham School.

He was also treasurer of Steam Action and raised many funds for the elderly people in the village, helping to give them a Christmas party each year, tea party, and fund many other activities.

He leaves his widow Doris, daughter Caroline and son-in-law Colin, daughter Rebecca and son-in-law Richard, son Richard and partner Christine, son Peter and daughter-in-law Tracey, and grandchildren Alison, Ben, Jessica, Joshua, Bethany and Zachary.

Family mourners included: Doris Bee (widow), Caroline and Colin Haver, Richard Bee and Christine Lewis, Rebecca and Richard Gelsthorpe (representing Brian and May Gelsthorpe), Peter and Tracey Bee (Bethany and Zachary), Alison Haver, Ben Haver, Jessica Bee, Joshua Bee, Maurice and Mary Harvey, Janet Bee, Philip and Christine Bee, David Harvey, Simon Harvey, Audrey Jones, Charlotte Parker (Steve Parker) Jonathon Bee, John and Una Bee, Jim and Pauline Thomas, Walter Wright (Jean Grassby), Christine and Tony Burton (Rhoda Robinson), Susan Green, Janet Turner, Jack and Ann Woodward (Kate, Patricia and Michael Woodward), Keith and Katherine Richards, Pat and Derek Green, John and Karen Rose (Matthew and Nicola).

Sympathisers included: June and Brian Burton, Irene and John Martin, Ed Marshall (Julie, Timothy and Matthew), Bernard and Grace Chase, Mary and Alec Osborn, Joan Hubbard, Jenny Stanton (Charlotte Gervis and family), H Lane (Phillipa Lane), Bryan Lynch (Michael Halsey, Madge Lynch), Mr G Henson, Dick Wood (Maureen Wood), Russ Cooper (family), Barbara and Dick Durno (family), Tony Arden, Mr J Benner (Mrs C Benner), Trevor and Anne Thompson (Jean and Chris Black), Gary Page (Sarah Page, Rob Gray), Kevin Couzens (Alisha Couzens).

Gill and Arthur Stanford, Henry and Kate Hawes, Mary and Ken Shepherd, Gary and Sue Baker, Peter and Maureen Baker, Stephen Webb, Jane Hunt-Webb, Jill and Gerald Mitchell (Sue Binder), Mr B Salmon, Jane Bates (Richard and family), Nev Taylor, Rev David Bratley (Mr and Mrs D Atter), Judy Joyce (family, Linda Garfoot, Penny Baldwin, Dulcie Dean), John Hardy, G Bellamy (Fentons of Bourne Ltd), Mrs Sis Woolley (Mr Peter Woolley), Sue Woolley (Robert, Charles and Mark Woolley), Sally Haddow (family), J Wainwright, Simon and Anna Edwards (Samuel and William Edwards), Sian Hawes (Ben, Michelle, David, Clarissa, Hannah, Lizi, Rob, Aidan, Edenham School).

Tony Martin (Edenham Village Hall), Jane Bradley (Steam Action), Des Bradley (Vick Bradley), Margaret Webster (Simon Webster and family, Mary Webster, Joosten family), Andrew and Lynda Wilson (Claire, Lucie, Adam), Mr and Mrs P Rickett (Ryhall Revellers), Andrew and Gill Holmes (W A Holmes Coal, Nicola and Michael Holmes, Andy Broughton, George Green), Ken Popple (Simon, Helen, Gemma, Mark), Alec and Ann Blanchard, Roger and Pat Osborn, Mr Heath Cranfield and Mrs Pamela Cranfield (Mr David Cranfield), Brian Burkitt (Wendy), Andrew Garfoot (Samantha Pullen and family), J Cleghorn (Mr B Cleghorn, Mrs B Green), Mick Dawson (Joy Dawson, Betty Dawson), Mary Kelby (Joe Durno, Ted and Dot Kelby, Barbara Whiles), Jane Bentley, David Kelby, David and Alison Page, Jean and Stephen Joyce (Laurence and Marianne Joyce and family, Nicholas and Andrea Gandy and family, Paul and Lorna Gandy and family), Ken and Stephanie Townsend, Royce and Norah Louth (Margaret, Jean, Bob, Ruth, Iris Brittain and family), Audrey Lamming, Bill and Brenda Dean (Ron and Heather Lee), Michael Wilson (Rosemary and family, John and Maureen Key).

Rachel Marshall Roberts, Sue Lawrance (Jamie, Brian and Jo Lawrance, Terry and Margaret Lawrance, Rob Gray, Beth Smith), Helen Pell (David, George and William Pell), Cecelia Haver (Louise and Bret Whitcombe, Ian Haver, Emma Schulze), Betty Edwards (family, Mr and Mrs F Fordham, Ryhall Village Hall Revellers), Mr and Mrs L Laybourn (Mr Tony and Mrs Betty Lamb).

Fred and Heather King, Mike and Shirley Mills, Margaret Decent (Hester Cresswell), Vera Curtis, Janet Issaoui (Dine Issaoui), Mrs Win Peck (family, Mrs Agnes Bennett), Anne and David Harrison (family, Ryhall Revellers, Ryhall Church choir), Dave and Beryl Boyle, Mr and Mrs E Peeling (family), Mr and Mrs D Creasey, Maurice and Betty Waite (Mrs Joan Reed), Hazel and Andrew Stubbs (Ruth and Geg Atter), Kim Lowery, Ray Biggs, Sue Johnson (David Johnson and family, Linda Dean, Bertha Brant), Liz Unwind (Dave, William and George Unwin), Joy Romaine (family, Mick and Sue Brudenell), Joyce Christie (Ian Christie, Jane and Alan Christie, John and Sarah Christie), Peter Birch (Alyson Hudson, Five Bells), Dave Toone (Rebecca), Grahamme Sorfleet (Ryhall Revellers) Mr L Clayton (Mrs Jill Clayton) V Middleton (Joyce Fisher, Margaret Lyall, Mr and Mrs David Fullock), Tony and Pauline Wadman, Toni Wadman (Andrew Wadman), Mrs C Cooke (Mr B Cooke).

William Mair, Simon Mair, Mrs J Mair (Mr W Mair, Nicholas and Richard), Paul and Mark Stark, R Slator, June Baldwin, Thelma Hallam (Ron Hallam), Jasmine Sorbi (Marzie Crane), Mr R Applegarth (Katherine and Louise), Mrs R Clarke (Mr T Clarke), Lady Jane Willoughby d’Eresby.