Obituary: Eileen Cooper

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Eileen Cooper

RETIRED seamstress, Eileen Cooper, of Church Street, Braunston, died at her home aged 82, following a short illness. She was born in Oakham to Joe and Elsie Chamberlain and was the older sister to four brothers. Educated at the Church of England School and Oakham Central School, she enjoyed her school subjects and excelled in sport, notably netball and rounders.

On leaving school she worked for Langham Sewing Company, which produced clothes for Norman Hartnell and Berketex, and her responsibility for Berketex was to make samples to send around the world. Later she worked for Corah, who produced clothing for Marks and Spencer. After having her family she went back to work for Braunston Leather Craft.

At the age of 16 Eileen met George Cooper, of Belton-in-Rutland, and they married in 1950 and lived in Braunston. They were blessed with sons, Gary, Brian and Graham and eight grandchildren. Eileen was a keen football fan and enjoyed supporting George and her boys, both in football and cricket. She supported Oakham Imps and Leicester City and also often scored for Braunston Cricket Club, she also had a keen interest in canal holidays. People would often comment on Eileen’s quick wit and cheeky sense of humour and she loved nothing more than a good party or a family gettogether. During her retirement Eileen loved to tend her garden and enjoyed holidays with George and family friend Dennis Meadows in their caravan.

The funeral service took place at Braunston Church.

Family mourners included: George Cooper, Gary, Christine, Richard and Thomas Cooper, Brian, Lesley, Eloise, Sophie, Matthew and Hannah Cooper, Graham and Sarah Cooper (representing Jack and George), Derek Chamberlain, Doreen Lee, Margaret and Colin Adams, Terry and Jean Lee (Siobhan and Hannah), Nigel Lee, Karen Stacey (family).

Sympathisers included: Dennis Meadows (Les and Sandra Lickman), Ron and Betty Lynn, David and Judy Gregory (Mrs Margaret Woodhead and family), Don Ward (family), Jim and Margaret Thraves, Gill Thraves (Mark Thraves), Wally and Kathleen Gasson, Sarah Spears (Carl Spears), Steve Reid (family), Chris Lemon (Julie, Mark and Karen, Nick and Pauline), Sylvia Hall (family) Darren and Lisa Hall, June and Walter Sumner (Dawn, Gail, Avis Sumner, Jean Neal), Nigel Millner (Mr and Mrs Iain Millner, Empingham Cricket Club), Lionel Atton (Pamela Halsey, Geoff Atton, Barbara Atton), Mr and Mrs John Wellings, Edward Tate (Sir Saxon and Lady Tate, Duncan, John and Paul), Nicolas Tate (Sarah, Rupert and Georgina), Gill and John Callaghan (Ben, Susan, Julian and families), Roland Meadows, John and Dawn Batty, Garry and Corinne Cliffe (Clive and Sharon Williams), Keith and Maureen Cliffe (Mervyn and Sue Cliffe), Sharon Bell (Peter, George, William and Molly), Michael and June Sismey (June Snow), Emma Murray (Grant Murray, Carol Murray), Mr R Parker, Mrs N Dytham, Graham and Deidre Moore, Lucy Pearson, Jane Van Herrowege (Nigel Firth), Phyllis Core, Mr and Mrs R Meadows, Jim Haslegrave, Jennifer and Richard Meadows (Chris and Sue Bichard), Rosemary Gudyer, Jennifer Gudyer, Lynn Cooper (Charles Cooper), Nicola Elstone and Kalvis Krumins, Pat Harvey (Richard Harvey, Jonathan Bland), Patrick and Pamela Tyler, Connie and John Beadman, Mr and Mrs P Daymond (Norman Goodrick and family), Jim Freeman (Jill), Laura and Tony Parker, Steve Smith (Dawn, Georgia and Isaac Beararey-Smith) Amy Smith (Emlyn, Meg and Maisie), Les and Ngoneh Dickinson (Greetham Valley seniors), Jayne Marshall (Jon Marshall), Malcolm Major.