Obituary: Ernest Belton

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Ernest Belton

THE funeral service for Ernest Belton, of West Road, Bourne, took place at Bourne Abbey Church, the Rev Peter Pooley officiating.

Mr Belton died at home aged 74. He was born in Bourne, the only son of the late Ernest and Lydia Belton.

He is sadly missed by his loving wife Hazel to whom he was married for 50 years, and his sister Margaret.

He was educated at local schools and served his National Service with the Army, spending time in Malaya.

For a short while after leaving Bourne Grammar School he was a police cadet, but his love of trains drew him to joining British Rail, eventually becoming a train driver. He retired in 1996 after completing more than 42 years’ service.

In his youth he was a keen cyclist, progressing on to motorbikes.

He was interested in motor racing and aeroplanes, especially the Lancaster and Spitfire and was a member of Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association.

He enjoyed wildlife and in his early years kept budgerigars and latterly love birds and parrots.

Family mourners included: Hazel Belton, Margaret and Harold Joyce, Marianne and Laurence Joyce, Joanne Finlay, James Joyce, Lorraine Cornwell, Mary Rodgers (representing Mr A E Rodgers), Arthur Manning and Graham Street (Marigold Street).

Roy Bradford, David Bradford, John and Stella Clark, Mr and Mrs Tom Grange, Joan Mason, Jude and Margaret Bilby, Richard Bilby (Sarah, Jacob and Leona Bilby), Matthew Bilby, Jason Bilby (James Bilby), Karen Brightley, Sarah Baker (Michael), Sharon Hayes (Audrey Kay), Simon Saxilby, Louis and Lucy (Marvin), Tenna Battersby (Marie Machin and family, Maureen Sherard and family).

Sympathisers included: Hazel Baker (Michael Baker), Karen Bervoets (Simon Bervoets), Sue Stockdale, Jean Downey, Leslie Panrucker, Iris Panrucker, Arthur Lightfoot, Judy and John Pearson (Jenny and James Gout), Jan Bills (Marita and Michael Cann), Mark Day, Jean Woolf, Tony Moisey, Sid and Pat Joyce, Phillipa Barnes, Steph Pakey, Margaret Clark, Jozephine Poberezniuk, Josh Blackbourn, David and Mandy Blackbourn, Jamie Blackbourn, Brenda Rowell, Mr and Mrs G Perkins.