Obituary: Gary Halliday

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Gary Halliday

GARY Halliday, of The Park, Ranksborough, Langham, died at Oakham aged 46.

Mr Halliday, a former postman, was the son of the late Barbara and Norman Halliday, and was educated at Brooke Hill School and the Vale of Catmose College.

The funeral service took place at All Saints’ Church, Oakham, followed by cremation at Grantham Crematorium. The Rev Lee Francis Dehqani officiated.

Mourners included: Stephen and Julie Halliday, Linda and Tony Parsons, Norman Halliday, Sarah Halliday, James Bellfield, Matthew Halliday, Graham and Rose Parsons, Scott Parsons, Adam Parsons, Nikki Parsons, Rachael Haggarty, Shane Halliday, Selina Frost, Simone Auciello, Joyce Halliday, Barbara Farren, David Halliday and Karen, May, Jane and Rob Halliday, Tracy Halliday, Stewart King, Evie Halliday-King, Michael, Nicola, Phoebe and Ella Langston, Brian Langston, Pamela Briggs, Julie-Anne Gill, Phil and Shirley Langston, Roy and Gillian Taylor, Robert Taylor, Simon Harper, Tony and Mary Wroe, Marie Binns, Kate Barrera.

Robert and Judy Bruce, Alan, Judy and Darren Wiggins, Mark Wiggins, Keeley and Sally, Gordon and May Perry, Ray Hibbitt (representing Catmose Club), Mrs J Chater and Phil, Joyce and Stan Palmer, Trevor and Brenda Palmer and family, Paula McKillop (Rutland Community Spirit), Sandra and Barry Jalland, Louise Munford, Neil Corby, Michael, David, Steve and Anthony Gardiner, Angela and Lisa Wallace, Karen Mason, Dave Hoblen, Angela Jones, Shirley Blanterr, Sue James, Sarah Hollingworth, Julie Reid, Paul Wild, Steve and Marcia Christian, Jackie Wallace, Mark Little, Helen Shea, Mary Pepper, Jack Lewis, Maggie Bailey, Malcolm and Trish Palmer, Bill and Isabel Duell, Richard and Pauline Adams, Gillian Thompson, Martin Brookes, John and Jackie Gregory, Marjorie Lombard, Joan and Ivor Williams, Wendy Dickinson and family, Barry Palmer, Sheridan and Sammy, Margaret Bland, Barbara Blackwell (Belvoir Associates), Linda Dalby, Steve and Michaela Stafford, Ruth, John and Ceri Edwards, Roy and Joan Shields, Karen Parsons, John and Marge Parsons, Robert and Silvia Parsons, Billy and Rose Parsons, Helen Pender, Mike, Jackie and Jante Vecqueray, Reg and Sheila Wadsworth, Sally-Anne Wadsworth, Steve Bailey, Rebecca Tillson, Millie Bailey, Aubrey and Sylvia Minckley, Stan Bruce, Ken and Ann Taylor, Louise Carlyle (Oakham Medical Practice).