Obituary: Geoffrey Bonney

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Geoffrey Bonney

GEOFFREY Bonney, of Church Street, Langham, died at his home aged 82.

Son of the late Lilian and Harry Bonney, he worked for 26 years for the late Mrs S Wilson and also at Markons and Lee Higher.

He also became a caretaker at Whissendine School, and groundsman for the council at Oakham.

His hobbies included fishing and doing crossword and wordsearch puzzles.

Bereaved are his widow Margaret and daughters Denise and Tracey, and son Paul.

The funeral service took place at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Langham, the Rev Brian Nichols officiating. Donations of £200 was raised for the air ambulance.

Family mourners included: Margaret Bonney, Denise and Adrian Clarke, Paul and Sue Bonney, Tracey and Chris, Maurice and Christine Bonney, Pat and Rosie Alwood, Hazel Chambers, Sammy and Gavin West, Christopher and Nathan Whiley, Steven and Christopher Clarke, Kat and Kirsty and partners, Sammy and Gavin West, Andrew Bonney, Paula and Kevin, Pauline and husband.

Sympathisers included: Mr and Mrs Whiley, Mr and Mrs Jefferson, Jill Smith, Ruth Burdett, Mick Burdett, David and Joan Levison, Mark and Sally Johnson, Eva Johnson, Mrs Haddon Grant, Fiona Houghton, Gwen Mulligan, Angela Wallace, P Williamson, D Bea, Jenny Truscott, Roy Whitcombe, Betty Turner, Edith Abraham, Phyllis Duncan, Jean and Jim, Val Page, Sam Ansell, Mr and Mrs Rudkin, Peter and Mary Cockerill, Mavis and Charlie Hyde, Chris Roberts.