Obituary: George Brudenell

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George Brudenell

A MEMORIAL Service celebrating the life of George Brudenell, took place at St John the Baptist Church, Baston, Canon Janet Beadle officiating.

Mr Brudenell, of Brudenell Close, Baston, died at Peterborough District Hospital, aged 85.

Born into a well-known local farming family, he had lived all his life in Baston and was educated at Baston Primary School. On leaving school at the age of 14 he worked on the family farm, and served with the Home Guard during the Second World War.

For 46 years he served on Baston Parish Council and was one of the founder members of the Brudenell Playing Field Management Committee, and was still an honorary member.

He spent many years on the Parochial Church Council; was a sidesman; and in his younger day was a bell ringer.

During his retirement he became keeper of the churchyard plan and allocator of grave plots. He was also a member of Hyde and Mossop Charity and a trustee of Baston Charities.

A keen gardener, his speciality was growing vegetables, which during his latter years became his main hobby.

He leaves his widow Jessie, daughters Juliet, Ros and Katrina, sons-in-law Tom and Kevin and two grandchildren.

Family mourners included: Jessie Brudenell, Juliet, Ros and Katrina, Tom and Kevin, Janet Brudenell, Mary-Jane Brudenell (representing Anne, Andrew and Sophie), Lucy Reynolds, Anthony Reynolds, Michael and Sue Brudenell (Hannah Farrell and family, Mike and Pat Reedman), Sophie Brudenell (Paul and Jacob), Margaret and Mick Stevenson, Emma Stevenson, Clare and Joe Fildew, Rob and Will Brudenell (Sarah, Matthew, Nan and Christine), Andrew Brudenell (family), Linda Fox (Steve, Angela, Christopher and Jane, Elaine and Charlie), Helen Box (Pete and Phillip), Les and Lib Brown (Simon), Dawn and David Alvey (family), Ken and Sheila Brown, Richard and Dena Brown, John Brown, Richard and Lisa Lomas-Brown, David Brown, Carol Mills-Joslin, Yvonne Coggins (Sarah and family, Jeremy and family), Christopher Coggins and Trudi, Vivian Roberts (Warwick and family, Jason and family), Janet and Robert Brudenell (John Brudenell), Don, Lilla and Edward Whitfield (Helen Whitfield),

Sympathisers included: Joyce Rate (Mr and Mrs B Easey), Joyce and David Langley, Mr and Mrs John Polkinghorne, John Wyman (Mrs B and Mr E Wyman and family, Kirkstone House School), Graham Smith (family), Bruce and Gillian Ashwell, C Rosindell, Stuart Wilson (David Gibbons and family), Diane Savage (Sheila and Andy Bunce), D Freeman (S Pannell), Matthew and Emma Parkin (family), Robert Creasey (Caroline Penny), Sandra Kirk (Graham, Emma and Tim), Stephen Knipe, Ian McCrae (family), Jim and Jean Patterson, John Castley (Sarah Castley), Paul Webster (Tricia, Emily and Charly), Monica Webster (Clare Bailey), Mr and Mrs D Overland, Tony Hallam (Carol Blayne), George Parker, Anne Hedger, Kevin Woodthorpe (Rawlinsons and Jonathan Forster of Andrews, Stanton and Ringrose), Doreen Pritchard, David Pritchard, Valerie Harrison, Bill Harrison, Richard, Andrea and David Hughes, John Wade (Tom and Kath Courton), Len and Shirley Lewis, Jeanette and David Wynne, Quil Peasgood, Alan and Maggie Wood, Lynne Thorpe, Mrs Thorpe, Linda and Jon Myers (Teresa and Sheila), Joseph Pask (family), Derek and Joyce Day (family), Charles Whattoff (Melissa Whattoff, David and Diane Whattoff), Denny and Sonia Knipe, Anita and Brian Edwards, Mr and Mrs G Randall, John and Janet Low, Ruth Maltby (Mr and Mrs W Woods, Pat Moss), Mr P Maltby (Mrs A Maltby), Stuart Wand (Elaine Wand), Roger Osborn (Pat Osborn), Jon and Anna Morten, Pete Jungmann, Beryl and Geoff Wright (Sharon, Lynn and Dean), Mr and Mrs John Ward, Paul Stevenette (Allyson, David and Sarah), Jim, Ann, Liz and Charles Clare, Carmen Hull (George Hull), Patrick Tilley (family), Karen Brader (family, Beverley Trafford).

Eunice Hinson (Dick Cobley and family), Bryan Wand (Paul Hinson), Mr and Mrs B Hallam (family, Deana and Nigel Brooks), Ina and Malcolm Reedman, Reg and Janet Addy, Julia Harbage (William, Charlie, Ellie and Grace Harbage), Rev Michael Howard, Veronica and Diana Clare (John and Michael Clare, Lisa Shackleton and family), Mrs M Parkinson, Jackie Walker (Baston PO Stores), John Falkner, Christine Rayner, Sharon Affleck (BPFMC), Jo-Anne and Mark Richardson (Clare Woods, Caroline Roberts, Gemma Wright, Gerald Banks, Louise Jungman), Alfred and Dorothy Lilly, Jane Moore (Style House), Peter Rayner (Baston Environment Group), Roddy and Linda Woodthorpe (family), A Starsmore, Rita Starsmore, Robert and Margaret Buff (family, Bett Joyce), Mrs A Brown, Simon and Lesley Watson, Marjorie Stimson (Peter and family), Pamela Day (Baston WI), B Taylor (A Taylor), Jason and Gaynor Parkinson, Doug and Steph Balderson (Sylvia Pannell, Javan and Reuben), Ann Munns (Kevin, Clare and Lisa), Tim Sleight (Gill and George Broughton and family), Christine Gray (NFU Bourne branch), Mr and Mrs B Flatters (Mr and Mrs J Thurlby and family), Joan Phillips (family, Barbara and David Marrington, Anne and Jeff Woolley), Colin Crabbe (family), Peter and Christine Saint, Philip and Rosemary Hilton, Eileen and Paul Mort (James Mort, parish council), Anwen Carter (Jonathan Carter), Mr and Mrs John Clare, Rev Diana Rees-Jones, Matthew Lee, Mrs J Roe, Mr and Mrs V Starsmore, Mr and Mrs Colin Kerrison, Coun Charlotte Farquharson, John Savage, Sue Stanley (Mark, Jake and Kelsey), Nick and Claire Rickett (Sophie, Toby and Katie), Trudi Stewart (family), Robert Peasgood (Ms Monica Peasgood and family), Richard and Julie Ivatt.