Obituary: George Hurt

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George Hurt

RETIRED lorry driver, George Hurt, of Brickyard Cottages, Kirkby Underwood, died at his home aged 79.

He was the youngest of five brothers born to Fred and Clarissa Hurt, of Staunton, Nottinghamshire. His father, a farm labourer, moved around looking for work until finally settling in Stroxton, near Grantham. George attended Bottesford School and at the age of 14 left to work on various farms as a labourer, even travelling as far as Essex to find work.

In 1950 at the age of 18 he was involved in a farming accident, which left him blind in his right eye, but he never let it stop him doing anything he wanted to do, he never complained.

He was refused National Service duty because of his poor eye sight and looked into emigrating to New Zealand, which he was also refused.

He went on to work for ED and AD Cooke at High Park Farm, Aslackby and it was here that he met Maisie Pell, who lived on the farm. George and Maisie married on March 19, 1955, the following year Brian was born followed by Raymond and Elizabeth.

In 1962 the family moved to Brickyard Cottages, Kirkby Underwood, and the family was completed with the arrival of Carolyn and then Colin. George worked for Nelson Green, as a heavy plant and machinery lorry driver, a role he excelled in, travelling the length and breadth of the country, taking many trips to Scotland, Ireland and Germany.

In 1993 George was dealt a blow when starting a machine in a sale ground, a job he had done thousands of times, the battery exploded in his face, damaging his left eye, leaving him completely blind. He did not complain, and just got on with it, and after some brilliant work by doctors, George managed to regain sight in the left eye, but this sadly meant he had to give up his HGV licence.

He retired in 1996, and keeping busy, was always found in his shed or garden or down the brickyard field surrounded by the machines he had helped put there many years before. He liked to build things and made quite a few car trailers. People from the village would go to him for little repairs or odd jobs, and he would happily oblige. He also enjoyed many holidays and visits from his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In 2007 he was diagnosed with anaemia and received regular blood transfusions, however the disease escalated dramatically, developing into acute leukaemia, which eventually took his life.

George was a simple man, who never asked for much out of life. He was devoted to Maisie, and would have celebrated 56 years of marriage this year. He had a strong mind and although not a rich man was never in debt and never liked to borrow money from anyone, if he couldn’t buy it he went without. He was rich in many other ways, and was an honest man who always said it how it was. He was kind, with a good sense of humour, was always there to help or offer advice, and was a hard worker.

The Rev Judy Watson officiated at the funeral service at St Mary and All Saints’ Church, Kirkby Underwood. Donations were made to Leukaemia Research.

Family mourners included: Mrs Maisie Hurt (widow), Brian Hurt, Raymond and Sharon Hurt, Elizabeth Wand, Adrian and Carolyn Peasgood, Colin and Rebecca Hurt, Mr John Hurt and family, Mr Tom Hurt and family, Raymond Cooper and Claire, Julie and Mark Stubbs, Jamie Hurt, Chris Smalley, Mark and Vicki Peasgood, Claire Peasgood and Liam, Sarah Wand, Shaun Wand.

Sympathisers included: Lorraine Banister, Jean Marvin, Cynthia Flatters, Sean Kearns, Harry Flatters, Elaine Flatters (representing Ian, Laura and family), Louise Thorpe (Wally Thorpe), Mr and Mrs M Flatters (family), Mr and Mrs A Parker, Mr and Mrs G Mackinder, Mr and Mrs R Peasgood, Steven and Louise Green (Nelson M Green and Sons), James Green (Hannah and Charles Green), Lee Mews and Debbie (Gary and Jan Cooper), Mrs Nora Green (Mr and Mrs B Pottle), Mr and Mrs M Spencer, Diana Spencer, Annette Doran, Judy and Graham Hooper, Keith Wright (Marlene Wright), Margaret Sismey (John Sismey), Norman Parker, Margaret McInnes, Terry Flatters, June Flatters (Emma, Lee, Steven, Marie, Keegan), Tony Waddington, Sue Waddington, Mark Green, Richard Bloodworth, Trevor Davis (Dorothy and family), Margaret Winter, Elaine Atkin (family), Maurice Briggs, Fred and Jill Hall, Mary Darnes (Alan Darnes and family), Andrew, Christine and Tammy Flatters (Linda and Robert Flatters), Kate Plant, Eddie Plant, Vivienne Cairns (Jayne Baxter), Peter Withinson, Eric Wyer, Gordon and Joan Coupland (Sue and Neil Wellington), Diane Toynton, Marie Johnson (Eben and Sue Atkinson), Robert Taylor, Val Spencer (Richard, Christian and Damian), John Middleton (Margaret Middleton), Richard and Sue Green, David Kreutzberger (family and Bourne Tractors), Gillian Andrews (Anthony, Katrine and Philip Hudson), Frank Wyer, Stuart Sandall (Bill and Barbara Sandall), Adrian Aitman, Paul Johnson, Carl Gibson, Michaela Pick, Trevor Short, Simon and Sharon Harwood (June Mercer), Karen Scotchmer, Don Blackwell, Philip Robinson, Mark Robinson, Sally Reed (family), Trevor Wand (family).