Obituary: George Pullen

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George Pullen

GEORGE Pullen, of the Cedars Care Home, Bourne, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 95. The funeral service was conducted by the Rev Alan Steele at Dowsby Church, followed by interment at Dowsby Churchyard.

Family mourners included: David and Mary Pullen, Shirley Temple, Keith Graham, Liz Wilkinson, Rex Crowden, Janet and Bruce Cleghorn, Gwen Cooke, Jimmy Pullen, Clive and Yvonne Pullen, John Pullen, Jean Goodwin, Mark Pullen, Mandy and Bruce Davis, grandchildren and partners: Donna Pullen, Darren Knibbs, Robert Temple, Darren Temple (representing Jordan), Wayne Temple and Emma Hastings (Morgan and Eloise), Shaun Wilkinson, Michele Webster (Tom, Imogen and Thomas), Samantha Pullen, Andrew Garfoot, Louise Fiddies, Tom Bagley, Alistair Cooke (Trish and Francesca), Craig and Claire Cooke (Max and Elliott), Natalie Merillion, Nathan Hollis, Jamie Pullen, Tanya Pullen (Harrison), Luke Pullen, Scott Pullen, Nathan Pullen, Glen Pullen, Lee Wilcox, Stuart Wilcox, Lauren Davis, Vicky Groves (Adam, Joshua, Dillan and Ryan), Kelly Groves and Jacob Dodds (Star Dodds), Daniel Pullen and Emma Wheeldon (Jamie and Gina); great grandchildren: Matthew Thornley, Brayden Knibbs, Sophie Temple, Jodie and Steve Mitchell, Jemma Cooper (Rob Markham), Jason Cooper, Shaquaille, Aaliyah and Kaycee; great great grandson Jobi Mitchell.

Sympathisers included: Robert Powell (Florian Newark), Bill Rhodes (Brant Broughton), Ann Monk, Barry Temple, Ted Hallam, Paul Hallam, Dawn Oliver (Gash), Ian Hibbert, Kevin Chambers, Mick Lingard, Belinda (Peter and family), Janet Marston (David Marston and family), Raymond Marston (Susan Marston, Joan and John Clark), John and Deb Sharpe (family), Mrs R Doncaster (David and Louise Doncaster), Mr and Mrs D Suddaby, Louise Caulton (Michelle Creasey, James Ryan), Valerie and John Ireland, Sally Reed (Susan Reed, Shaun Wand, Roxann Caulton, Stephen Caulton), Ted Field, Carolyn Pearsey, Michael Elphick, Tanya Holden, Ruth Measures, C Chambers (Chambers and Gibbons families), M Tite (Pointon FC and Pointon Social Club), Anne Barnes, Sheena Gray (Daniel and Lee Gray), Jo Smith (Mark Smith, Ashley Bradford, Chloe Bradford).