Obituary: Gordon Stimson

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Gordon Stimson

GORDON Stimson, of Obthorpe Lane, Thurlby, died at the Van Geest Unit, Stamford Hospital, after a short illness, aged 80.

One of seven children, he was born at Braceborough and moved to Witham-on-the-Hill at an early age. After his marriage to Anne in 1958 he moved to Thurlby.

He played football for many years for Thurlby United Football Club and darts for the Horseshoe Inn. He loved gardening, but illness prevented him from continuing.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, Mr Ernest Fytche officiating.

Family mourners included: Anne Stimson (widow), Enid and John Brewster (representing David and Sue Murray), Peter and Margery Stimson, David and Jo Stimson (Abigail), Mary Keegan (Steven, Scott, Sally and families), Sue and Ian Steele (Ros, Laura and Ben Whittome), Valerie Stimson, Caroline Stimson, Paul Brewster and Shani Lees (David and Sue Holdup, Jack and Jessie Hales), Tina Brewster (Ian), Judy Clay, Betty and Nick Wade, Joyce Stevenson, Val and Tony Stemp.

Sympathisers included: Jez Lewis (Kate), Chris and Pat Stevenson, Roger Harrison, Sara Harrison, Ron and Linda Branch (Ashley, Teresa and boys, Ramm family), Ken and Mandy Smith (Priory), Pam Morton, David Stevenson, Mrs Jackie Stevenson (Mr Barry Stevenson and family), Marie and Robert Bell, Elaine Russell (Mark, Robert, Sophie), Dieter and Marguerite, Mr and Mrs B Gray, Derrick Flatters, David and Diane Gibson (family, David and Ian Holdup), Colin and Christine Gray (Andrew and Gill Stevenson), Irene Whiting, Gordon Whiting, John and Ivy Todd (Richard and Tracey Clingo), Carol Wyer (Andrew Wyer), Lionel and Pat Tupholme, Kathleen Cockerill (Mick Cockerill), Derek Bowers (Beryl Pell, Roger and Pat Osborne), David Chappell, Irene Chappell, I Robb (family), Brenda Gilbert, George Wilson (Angela and Jim, Mr and Mrs Witton), Iain and Sandra Robb, Robin Fenn (Judith Fenn), Roy Gilbert, Miriam and Bill Johnson, Susan Hudson (family), Mr Steve Anthony (Sue, Steve, Ryan and Lewis Anthony), Bernard Wade, Quil Peasgood, Terry and Anne Maddison (Paul and Kay), Tom and Eileen Woods (Ted and Dot Kelby), Janet and Pop Baxter (Dean, Craig and families), Sue Yates, Geoff Yates, Mrs Dena Edis, Craig Edis, Mr and Mrs H Wheeler (Sarah and Alex), Reg Mee, A Want (Vera and family).