Obituary: Iwan Soroczak

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Iwan Soroczak

IWAN Soroczak, of Albert Road, Stamford, died at his home, after a long illness, aged 90.

A retired fork lift driver, he came to this country as a prisoner of war and showed his gratitude by hard work.

He was a member of Cummins Social Club and enjoyed gardening.

The funeral took place at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev Stella Langdon-Davis officiating.

Mourners included: Mary Phillips, Peter, April, Jade and George Goddard, Pamela and David Goddard, Casey Murphy, Janet Herd, John and Gill Ward and family (representing Mr and Mrs T Drury), Dawn and Terry Ward, Dean and Lisa, Basil and Margaret Tate-Lovery, Rod and Chris Wright, Mr F Wade and Mrs P Exton (Cummins Social Club), Colin Wirby, Perry and Debra Johnson, Sue Wade, Matthew Wade, Mr and Mrs T Griffin.