Obituary: James Lambert

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Retired taxi driver James Lambert, of Gainsborough Court, Cottesmore, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 80.

He was the son of Charles and Gertrude Lambert and served his National Service 
with the RAF.

A member of Cottesmore Social Club, he was also an active resident of Gainsborough
Court and enjoyed playing bingo.

He was a keen Norwich City Football Club supporter and enjoyed golf and horse racing.

He leaves his widow Jean, children Anthony, Nigel, Richard, Belinda, Alan, 
Kevin and Neil, 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

The funeral service took place at Grantham Crematorium, John Adamson officiating.

Family mourners included: Jean Lambert (widow), Nod and Angie Lambert, Richard and Lorna Lambert, Gavin and 
Sue Lambert (representing Taylor, Tom, Katie and Ethan), Sarah and Chris Foode (Amelia), Kirsty and Sean Rush (Charley, Connor and Kayleigh), Adam Lambert (Helen 
Gould), Andrew Lambert, Emma Shelton, Stephen Lambert.

Sympathisers included: Gloria Dickerson (Brian and Diane), David Lambert, Jane Cole (Ken Cole), Brian and Sue Baldry, Andrew Baldry, Trudy and Dave King (Nathan and Daryl), Karen Blakeburn, Katie Baldry, Peter and Kathleen Kemp (Nick, Ian, Mark and Sharon), Tracey and Kev Thorpe (family), Godfrey, Lynne and Ryan Steadman, Vicky Steadman, Shirley Smith, Chris Marshall
 (Jenny), Vicky Moss (family), Phyllis Dawtrey, Geraldine Woodhead (Gainsborough Court), Debbie Maxwell, 
Lynn Fereday (family), 
Maureen Walters (Joyce Rawlings, George and June Fosker).