Obituary: Janice Bowers

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Janice Bowers

JANICE Bowers, of West Street, Bourne, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 66.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, Ernest Fytche officiating.

Family mourners included: Mr T Strickson, Mr E Bowers, Mr and Mrs L Bowers, Mr and Mrs P Strickson, Mr and Mrs G Brakes (representing Miss M Bell and family, Mr and Mrs R Jaggard), Mrs M Woolsey (Mr P Woolsey, Mr and Mrs D Brakes), Mrs D Hunt (Mrs L Retberg and family), Mr and Mrs P Hunt (Mr and Mrs B Hunt), Mrs J Chapman (Mrs D Whyles, Mr C Whyles, Mr and Mrs M Whyles), Mrs C Ambrose (Grantham family), Mr D Bowers, Mrs B Pell, Mrs L Smith.

Sympathisers included: Norman and Margaret Bingham (Bourne and Dist cribbage league), Jimmy Jackson and Sue Farrell (Jackie Burton), Gordon Dupree, Anne Worboys, Eric and Marion Bowell, Maureen Butler (Terry Butler and Firkin crib team), Amanda Hamilton (Mario and family), Davina Anniss (Anniss and Booth families), Philip and Annette Bailey, Mont and Mary Bull, Robert and Beryl Stevenson (Carole Dillaway, Jonathon Stevenson), David Bates, Pete Machin, Mrs Wendy Stanley, Mr Ben Stanley (Mr Keith Stanley, Miss Laura Stanley), Dennis Mee (Crowland & ex Peterborough Con Club), Mike Morgan (Ruth Morgan), Carol Turner (Jackie Burton, Mick Elphick), John Templeman, Andy, Helen and Chris Brewster, Phil Strickson (Helen, Emma and Sophie), Mr and Mrs K Delaine-Smith (family), Jo Sunner, Anita Maddison (Jack and Ann Wilkinson, Reg Fearn), Pet and David Moisey, Ian and Amanda Clare, Roger and Alexandra Barsby (Chris, James and Andrew Barsby).

David Edwards (Kathleen Edwards), P Jackson (Mrs E Jackson), Mrs M Jackson (Pick family, Lee Clare), Malcolm Croft and Carol Cunnington (Russell Morse), Marcus Hamilton (Bourne Pyramid Club), Alan Jackson (Mandy Jackson), Paul Charlton (David Charlton), Ron Fyfe, Agnes McGreevy, Sue Worboys, Pam McPherson (Dave McPherson and family), Mr and Mrs Mosdell, Leah Partridge (Cpt George and Dragon cribbage, Billingborough), Betty Reet (New Inn crib team, Folkingham), Eric Wyer, Karen Corr, Brian Corr, Susan and David Lefley, Mr and Mrs L Smith and Mr T Everitt (Whittlesey Snooker), P Chubbuck (J Chubbuck), Nev Mason, Mark Renshaw, Bill Parker president Spalding and Dist Snooker/billiards league, Mike Byrne (Curly), Max Ayliff, Mark Gray, Martin and Lynda Marshall (The Golden Lion).

Kate Bannister (Andy Jackson), Mrs C Cooke, P and S McGuinness (P&Qs), Mr D Smith (Dave), Mr Richard Tibbert, Matthew Allen, Maurice Phillipson, Neil McLean, Denise Jacobi, Simon Spencer (Tracy Spencer, Jenny Gilbert), Carl Robins (Jane Robins), Martin Groom (Pyramid Club), Arthur Lightfoot crib team), Helen Christian, Ian Walker, Jodie Brown, Maggie Brown (Keith, Kelly, Sid and Lillie), Ged Dempsey (Red Lion), Oliver and Sarah Player, John Cozens (Peterborough Automatics Ltd).