Obituary: Janice Smith

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Janice Smith

JANICE (Jan) Smith, of Rutland Way, Ryhall, died at her home aged 65.

She was the third child of six children born to Gladys and Jack Smith and thought the world of her brothers and sisters.

She attended Easton School. On leaving school she worked at Stamford Hospital laundry.

Jan met Alan at a dance in Stamford when she was 15, and later married him when she was 19, at Easton Church. Their married life began at Edith Weston, where their first daughter Anita was born, later followed by Julie and Teresa. They were married for 46 happy years.

As the family grew up they enjoyed camping holidays throughout the UK with her sister and brother-in-law and their children. Later Jan and Alan enjoyed wonderful holidays throughout Europe and America, visiting several states including Arizona, Mexico, California and New York.

She had an unending capacity to love, especially her grandchildren Kayleigh, Danielle, Laura-May, Alan and Lewis. She was lovingly known as Nanny Jan and Nanny Bear and they all doted on her.

Jan helped Alan with his business while caring for her family and she loved her home, gardening, reading and her beloved three cats.

An excellent cook, she took much pride in baking delicious cakes, scones, pastries and pies.

Jan was a brave, strong and courageous lady. She was hard- working, loving and a rock and soul mate to Alan. She was also a loving and caring mum and much loved sister and aunty and treasured nan and friend to many.

She was content with the simple day-to-day things in life and found joy in caring for her family and sharing their lives.

In her illness she was brave and stoic, anxious not to be a nuisance to anyone. She was determined to continue and live her life to the full as she had always done, and indeed she succeeded.

The funeral service took place at St John’s Church, Ryhall, followed by cremation at Marholm. The Rev Paddy McKee officiated and Jane McKee was organist.

Family mourners included: Alan Smith (widower), Anita and Phil Altham, Julie and David Pettit, Teresa and Simon Fountain, Kayleigh and Craig Compton, Danielle Altham, Laura-May Altham, Alan and Lewis Fountain, Matt Hunt, Zak Ramsden, John and Stella Smith, Gerald and Angie Smith, Judy and Wal Horton, Jen and Roy Nicholls, Jackie and John Tilley, Sammy, Mark, Craig, Shelly, Emma, Jason and Lel Nicholls, Lloyd Nicholls, Tracey Clipston (representing Nick Clipston and family), Paul Evans (Sallie and Ben Evans), Darren and Lisa Evans, Glenys Edwards, John Phillips, Pat Phillips (Melvin Phillips), Barry and Pauline Cunnington, Trevor and Jean Cunnington, Sue and Jag, Tim and Michelle Cunnington (Ben Cunnington), Terry and Barbara Smith (Trevor Smith), Robert and Jenny Woods (Ian and Sally, Mr and Mrs J Hawkins, Mrs S Suffling).

Sympathisers included: Mick and Barbara Coulbeck, John Barnet, Ges Riley (Mick, Matthew and Thomas), Tony and Marlene Fenn, Barbara and Charles Cameron, Paul Huddleston (Lorraine Frankish), Paul and Donna Altham (Aaron and Imogen), Barry Maddock (Jean, Steven and Mandy), Teresa Fountain (David Fountain), Pat, John and Anita Fountain, Sean and Julia Fountain.

Josie Bushnell (Linda and David Lee and family), Celia Hall (Michael Hall), Margaret Bull, Bryan and Ann Whitby, Denis and Gillian Hill, June and Monty, Rose Pettit, Rosalyn and Natalie Pettit, Neville and Barbara Bryan (Gill Hicks), Steve Ford (Lindsay Ford), Andy and Deb Hunt, Sandy Crossan (Paul, Monica and family), Mrs Mary Moss (Steve Moss and family), Rachel Evans, Dianne Altham (Keith, Katie and Emma), Dennis, Richard Chappell (Rosemary, Susan Chappell), Anne and David Harrison, Marion and Mervyn Beecham, Karen Cunnington, Stamford Community Nurses (Albert and Glenda Exton), Victor Couzens and firm, Jenny and Liz Briant, Val Hopper (Martin Hopper), Penny Blaze, Bev and John Hughes (Fiona and Robert).

Nora Harris, Roland and Gloria Neal (Liz, Martyn and Fiona), Peter and Joan Wright (Kay and Paul), Anita Ford (Jim Heasell), Judith Richardson, Maureen Wyman, Richard, Caroline and Adam Horn (Michael and Jean Ellis).Colin, Sue, Chloe and Anna Wilding (Lou Blaes, Carol Britten), Alison, Robin and Rebecca Dickinson (Hannah, Charlie and William), Kevin and Fiona Johns (Pat and Keith Altham), Roy Prentice, Marian Freeman, Elayne and Dean Baxter (Dawn Prior), Judy and Robert Fowler, Ken Popple, Marian Taylor (church warden), Mrs W Peck, Andrew Woodhouse (Sandra Woodhouse), Amanda (Greensleaves Florists and family), Jo Scott (family), Rachel Harris (family), Janet Sidwell, Jenny Duncan, Sue Herring, Maureen Mowbray, Anne Uddin, Sarah Frampton, Jacqueline Janes.