Obituary: Jean Bly

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Jean Bly

THE funeral of Jean Bly, of Charles Close, Bourne, took place at Bourne Abbey Church, the Rev Peter Lister officiating. Cremation at Marholm followed.

Widow of John Bly, Jean will be deeply missed by her son Philip, daughter-in-law Susan and grandchildren Donna and Martin and by all her relatives and friends for her devotion, loving care and support. Her courage and determination in the face of increasing pain and immobility was a source of inspiration to all.

Family mourners included: Philip and Susan Bly, Donna Bly, Martin Bly, Alex Poore, Karen, Neil and Luke Page (representing Ray and Joan Wiseman), Paul, Kathryn and Hannah Wiseman, Mark and Gwen Wiseman, Phyl and Vic Wedesch (Jimmy and Barbara Jones), Roger and Gemma Woods (Shirley Woods), Michael and Lynda Berridge, Sally Bly and Rob (Don and Peggy Bly), Molly Rodgers, Sheila and Andrew Rowe (James Rowe), Barbara, Harold and Richard Pearson (Jane Pearson), Val and Alistair Falconer, Jean Smart.

Sympathisers included: Arthur Lightfoot, verger; Sheila Shipley (Mandy and family), Carol Turner, Mrs M King, Mrs A Bagworth, Ruth and Maurice Alway, Sue Casey and Allison Johns (Abbey Wives Group), Anita Woolf, Janet Tait (family), Mrs Clara Coley, Mr E Brooks (Mrs P Brooks), Mr and Mrs D Neal, George Broughton (Gillian Broughton), Mr and Mrs L Rout, Pat Wild, Jill Sutherland, J Carrott and Heather Mosdell (Red Cross), Mrs B Tilley (Mrs J Dunne and friends of the Red Cross), Joyce and Paul Lincoln, Mrs J Wines, Geoff Wormall, Jean and Stephen Joyce, Mary and Tony Stevenson (Edith Hancock, Andy Woolf), Anthony and Jill Sharman, Mrs Sylvia Maplethorpe.

Alan Dolby (Kathleen Dolby), Teresa Knight, Sue Norton (Deb and David at Greetings Cards), Mrs D Glover, Ann Smith (Bridget Catt), Rene Holmes (Friends of Red Cross, Hazel Johnson), Mrs Margaret Burkitt (Co-op foodstores), Mrs Josey Hollinshead (Trevor Hollinshead), Mr H Johns (Mrs M Johns, Mr R Paddison), Jean Grummitt (Geoffrey Grummitt), Mr K Arden (Chevington House), Brenda Read (Dennis and Darrell).