Obituary: Jean Chambers

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Jean Chambers

JEAN Chambers, of Fen Road, Dowsby, died at Lincoln County Hospital, aged 79. She was born and spent her entire life in Dowsby, working for Burtts of Dowsby, before running the local playschool for a number of years, then becoming a domestic help for the local care home in the village, until her retirement.

Jean loved visiting stately homes and gardens and watching all sport on TV. Most of all she enjoyed completing jigsaw puzzles and knitting and looked forward to visits from her great grandson, Alexander, who she loved dearly. She leaves two sons Christopher and Kevin and her sister Thelma.

The funeral service was conducted by the Rev Jean Blanchard at St Andrew’s Church, Dowsby. Interment in Dowsby churchyard followed. She will be sadly missed by everyone.

Donations in Jean’s memory raised £438.70 for two charities.

Family mourners included: Christopher Chambers, Kevin Chambers, Lynn Reid, Thelma and Frank Gibbons, Stuart Gibbons, Teresa Trussell, Annette and Simon Giles.

Sympathisers included: Ken and Kathleen Exton, Duncan Exton, Ruth Dawson, Mavis Cooke (Judith Treavey and family), Phil and Gary Cooke, Rosilie Gibb, Lorraine Kelby, Brian and Sheila Steel, Amanda and Annette Steel, David and Tony Clarke, Bernard and Jean Clarke, Tom and Mary Perkins, Susan Clarke (Barbara Bailey and family), Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Clarke, Jo and Brian Lawrance, Jamie and Sue Lawrance (Haver family), Terry and Margaret Lawrance, Aileen Kelly, Margaret Coupland (Louth family), Tracey Dodd (David, Alex and Jack Dodd), Betty Dolby (David Dolby, Tina Dolby), Karen Cook, Fan Mason, Reg and Joyce Lovelock, Richard and June Bergner (Michael and Sue Burtt), Richard Tuxworth, Pat Larham, Violet and Bill Crampton, Ernie Wyer (Heather Wyer), Norman Christian (Kathleen and family), Mr and Mrs D Edwards, Mr and Mrs C Calvert, Mr H Calvert, Graham and Eileen Spencer, Claire Spencer-Wing (John, Blythe and Keiran), Kay Spencer (Ian, Sam and Maxine), Joan Wells (Barry, Ann and Micky), Jane Wells (Paul, Samantha and Jackie), Mike and Shirley Bush (Darren and Emma), Raymond Marston (Susan Marston), Joan and John Clark (Marston family), Pam Channing (family), Julie Green (Gemma Cobb, Ann Dodds), Jean Sharpe, Brian Francis, Maxine Horne (Geoff Horne, Sylvia Eagleson), Liz Hill (Dave Hill), Bob Kelly, Rachel Parsisson, Olwen Powell (Dowsby Church monthly organist), Ken and Jean Christian, V Barker (Dowsby Parish Council), Mr A Atkinson (Mrs J Atkinson), Lorna Webb (family), Malcolm (Zeph), Marilyn Welbourn, Mark Pull (family), Les and Joan Chubbuck (Dorothy Hall and family), Sally Reed (Susan Reed, Caulton family), Mrs P Clarke (Mr H Clarke), Penny Grimer, Mrs S Wilson (Roy, Scott and Hayley Wilson), Mrs M Wilson (Keith and Peter Wilson), Mary Pullen (David Pullen), Eileen Johnson (family), John Stimpson, Pat Taylor (Mr G Taylor), Tanya Holden, Tressa Hughes (Gary Hughes), Alan Steel, Garry and Mary Wand, Clive and Jessie Wand, Hazel Groby (Mrs L Quincey), James and Ruth Measures (Sarah, Teresa and Ginney and Dowsby PCC), Mrs B Hollingsworth (Mrs N Mansfield), Gordon and Maureen Rollings, Rick and Angela Elms, Mrs M McKay.