Obituary: John Glover

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John Glover

JOHN Glover, of Belvoir Court, Rutland Care Village, Oakham, died at Glenfield Hospital, aged 88.

He was the son of John and Ivy Glover and was educated at Hough-on-Hill School and Cottesmore Central School.

A retired labourer, he worked as an engine driver on the Ironstone Road maintenance. His hobbies included cricket, football, darts and horse racing.

Bereaved are his widow Joyce who he had been married to for 67 years, daughters Priscilla, Rosemary and Maur-een and son John.

The funeral took place at Oakham All Saints’ Church, the Rev Jae Ridley officiating. Interment followed at Kilburn Road Cemetery.

Family mourners included: Priscilla and Peter Chamberlain, Christopher and Tina Chamberlain, Sarah Bricknell, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Brian Oldman, Rosemary and Billy Parsons, Diane Durkin, Daniel Herd, Gareth Durkin, Scott Durkin, Richard Heihir, Robert Durkin, Karen Whitsey, Kelly Dougie, Elizabeth James, Robb, Sonia Newton, Kieran Bullen, Shannon and Sined Whit-sey, Clifford, Pauline Parsons, Katie and Benjamin Parsons, Leonard Faulkner, Maureen Ward, Matthew Norwell, Bradden Norwell, Sally-Ann, Carl Creet, Nathan Luke, Ellie and Rosie Creet, John and Jane Glover, Michael, Emily, Marc, Matthew Glover, Sheila and Ernie Chamberlain, Jean and Neville Bellamy.

Sympathisers included: Chris Coles, Peter Maxwell, Kevin Caffrey, Dolma Hamann (carer), Clair Johns, Muriel Mamos, Enid Lawrence, Gladys Knowles, Nora and Allen Fox, Joy Dumford, Marjorie Thorpe (Mary Beaver), Angela Berridge (Marcus Berridge), Sheila Duff (directors of Prime Life and Debbie Crossfield manager Rutland Care Village) Kathy Coggan (Winsor family), Mr and Mrs Tom Coggan (P Peck, Vic Walker), Carol and Bob Gregg, John and Marg Parsons (Robert and Sylvia Frank), Angela Humphreys (Royal British Legion).

Chris Cook (Richard and Jo), Irene Palin, Allen Weddle, Winnie Kray, David and Pam Spridgens, Dave Morton, Simon Smith, Arthur Sanders (Care Village), Pat Lowe, Yvonne and Gorden Smith (Colin and David), Lydia and Tony Wilson (Marjorie Kemp).