Obituary: John Wright

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John Wright, a service engineer, of Pine Close, Stamford, died in Manchester, aged 42.

He was the son of Anthony Wright and the late Jane Wright and was educated at Uppingham C E Primary School and Uppingham Community College.

At the time of his untimely death, he worked as an 
engineer for Bollegraaf Engineering, in Stafford. Prior to moving to Stafford, he worked for Squires Engineering and Tomlins Engineering at Uppingham and Nicholls Engineering, Corby.

His hobbies included computers, playing golf, photography and DIY. He leaves his widow Nicola.

The funeral service took place at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Uppingham, Canon Rachel Watts officiating.

Mourners included: Nicola Wright (widow), Tony Wright (father), Caroline and Shane Nicholls, Paula and Dave Smith, Luke Smith, Jordan Smith, Megan Smith, Stella and Bert Jeffs, Michael Jeffs, Lucy Jones, Erin Jeffs, Hayden Jeffs, Matthew Jeffs, Marg Benz, Malcolm Benz, Alison and May, Sarah Leung, Helen, Ali, Jim Bradshaw, June Bradshaw, Bob Wright, Linda Wright, Mary Holmes, Ethel Sharman, Anntte and Jo, Doris McPherson, Leanne Hughes, Jamie Hughes, Bryan and Carl Randell, Denis and Janis Womersley, Stephen and Sally Wade, Jed Plant, Adele Elliott, Kacey Plant, Kay Plant, Kirk Collin (representing Lindy, George and William).

John O’Carroll (Grace O’Carroll), Jenny Wright, Jodie Salt (Ian, Lisa, Holly and Jack), Claire Maxwell; Dean and Amy Barker, Andrew Bland, Heiman Bollegraaf (Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery), Cath and John Tuck, Lynn and Frank Hitchin, Andre and Lindsey, Helen Fieldhouse, Jessica and Julie Barry, David Thompson (family), Richard Toms (Richards Hair Studio), Jason and Gerri Hems (George and Rob Dalby), Jacqui Salt, Pat Mahoney (Seremside Rec), Mark Richard (M & D Recycling), Steve and Liz Moore, David Baines and family, Pauline, David, Shaun and Michelle Bennett (Ian Williams), Vera and Derek Jones (Diana Farrow), Paul and Amanda Dorrington, Teri and Pauline Bryant, Pam Plant (Rachel and Steve).

Norman Bennett (Betty Neal), Michael Bennett, Arnold Boerhot, Julie and Shane, Andy and Georgina Hart (Millie), Anna and Derek Jones, Wendy Towson, Susan and Mark Cadwallader (John, David and Peter Cadwallader), Eugene and Lindsay, Barry Mauer, Ron and Rosemary Wright, Barbara Ellingworth (Brian Tilley), Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Betts, Anne and Allan Chuter (Daniel and Katie), Marie Bennett (Neville, Graham, Vicki and Adrian), Stuart Foster (Jodie and Glennis Foster).

Jim, Sue, Matthew and Lucy Findlay, Roger and Brenda Dalby (Ashley Mew), D Broughton, Joan Wright, Julie Russell, Melissa and Brad Dalby, Nigel Duckmanton (Sarah Duckmanton USA), Sue and Den Barnett (Hannah, Rachel, Matthew), Janet and Derrick Britton (Philip, Christopher, Lynsey), Adrian and Sue Crowson, Mark and Deb Fowles, Mr and Mrs Robin Riches, Brenda and Claire Farrer (Henry and Charlie Farrer), Harold, Carla, Daniel, Bill, Kaw Der Hoeven, Ian Bradberry, Darren and Sue Bentley, Linda Hyde, Gary Frost, Rebecca and Beth Wade (family), Nick Green and family (John and Sally Green), Peter Lingard (Nicholls Engineering), Nabs Berry (family), Anne Munro, Fiona Betts, Ingrid Thorpe (Peter and Ella Thorpe, Sally Kirby, Uppingham Dental Practice), Mireille Rudd, Gezyer Uppingham, T Adams (Joyce), Franc Wilge (Lubo Systems), Giovanni Chiriatti, Janet and John Bruce (Hayley, Gavin, Charlotte and Jack Woodford of Australia).

David Bell, Aurik Singh, Bertine Meibos, Paul Knapp, Jeanine Stoal, Rolf Weserhuf, Klaas Smit, Elaine and Henk, Karen Tyler (Adrian and boys), Val Marlow, John Marlow. Steve Williamson, Alison Byford, Joanne Chapman (Keith Chapman), Barry and Ann Nicholls, David and Jenny Holloway (Matthew Brown), Emma and Tony Cliff and family (David Brown), Ray and Angela Hathaway and family, Vera Dawson (Mary Clark, Pete and Joyce Broomfield), Linda Glover (Claude Smith), Dennis and Pat Dickenson, Dianne Collingwood-Rudd (Claire and John Cadwallader), Ian Bailey, Shaun Nicholls, John Gilman, Norman Gilman (Peter and Andrew), Jayne Stacey (Ben Smith, Grant Stacey and Joseph).

Jane McLean (Simon McLean), Diane Sharpe (William Sharpe, Claire Mitchell, Grace O’Carroll, Pearl Dean (Stuart Dean), Josie Fruin (Alison Fruin), Alf and Sheila Barnett, Doreen Perkins, Kath Partridge (Norah and David French), Julie Bailey.