Obituary: Joseph Cunnington

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Joseph Cunnington

JOSEPH Cunnington, of Edinburgh Crescent, Bourne, died at Peterborough City Hospital aged 79. A celebration of his life took place at the Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul, Bourne. Donations were made to Cancer Research UK.

Mr Cunnington enjoyed being with his grandchildren and was a keen gardener.

Family mourners included: John Cunnington (son), Adam, Lisa, Bethany and Bryony Cunnington (grandchildren), Anne Cunnington (daughter-in-law), Mrs P Wilson and family, Mr and Mrs M Cunnington and family, Mr and Mrs A Cunnington and family, Mr and Mrs S Cunnington and family, Mr and Mrs D Cunnington and family, Mr W Cunnington and family, Mrs M Durham and family, Mrs J Cunnington and family, Mrs S Robinson and family.

Sympathisers included: Mr L Bennett, Mr D Bennett (representing family), Mr and Mrs S Wootton (Caran and Sherry), Teresa Pick (Linda Myers), C Ablewhite (W Kelby, Mrs M Ablewhite), Mr and Mrs B McAllen (Stuart, Peter, Shaun), Mr and Mrs A McAllen (Liam and Lynsey), Diane Martin (Phil Day, Ian and Laura Martin), Marilyn Wilkins (Carl, David, Lee and Kevin and Day families), Mick Elphick and Jackie, Sarah Michelson (Tony and Ben Brothwell), Tony Barnett (Sue Barnett), Denis Barnett.

Keith and Julie Ingram, Rob Taylor (Deb Taylor), Anne Worboys, Sue Worboys, Eileen Worboys, Elizabeth Lea (family), Maureen Barthorpe, John Clayton, Mrs Susan Green (family), Bryan Wand, Yvonne White, (Joanna and Paul), Tracy Bedford (family), Elaine Thompson (family), Joan Cunnington (family), Keith Quincey (family), Vicky Cunnington, Sybil Rowley and family, Paul Cunnington (Paige and Abbie Cunnington), Philip and Sandra Cunnington (Craig Cunnington), Bob Courton, Dean Mason (Norman, Jean and Daniel Mason), Matthew Cuffe (Mellissa Ebony Cuffe), Martin and Pauline Cuffe (Joanna Cuffe and family), Simon, Donna and Baylee Featherstone, Cynthia, Jack and Matthew Featherstone, Mr Michael Hibbins (Mrs Maureen Bullimore), Raymond and Patricia Pearson (Jack and Vera Pearson and family), Kath Newmann and family (Pam), Jo and Paul Morris, Christine Parker (Peterborough City Hospital), Gordon Starkie, Mr W Pell (Mrs B Pell).

Mrs A Bagworth (Mrs M King), Sonja O’Callaghan (Leighton O’Callaghan, Gina Scotney), Clive and Carol Scotney (Barry and Jo Temple), Mr and Mrs R Taylor (Mick Taylor), Mr and Mrs Paul Antcliffe (Mrs V Brothwell, Mr A Antcliffe, Mr J Antcliffe), Barbara Antcliffe (Mr and Mrs M Antcliffe), Daniella Maslin (family), Terry Maddison.