Obituary: Joyce Steele

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Joyce Steele

RETIRED dinner lady, Joyce Steele, of Masterton Road, Stamford, died at the Sue Ryder Hospice, Thorpe Hall, Peterborough, aged 82.

Before retirement Mrs Steele worked as a dinner lady at St George’s School, Stamford.

She was a member of Christ Church keep-fit class and enjoyed watching murder mysteries on TV, doing quizzes, walking and cycling.

She leaves her widower George and sons Christopher and Michael.

The Rev Jane Calderin officiated at the funeral service at Christ Church, Stamford.

Family mourners included: George Steele (widower), Chris and Sue Steele, Daniel and Frazer Steele (representing Abbie Steele), Michael and Mary Steele, Jo and Mark (Ryan), Clare and Gemma Steele (Faith), Audrey Bunston, Carol and Kelvin and Natallie Mayhew, Geraldine and Steph Dewick (Dominic and Carla), Neil and Gwen Bunston, Edward Bunston, Andrew Bunston (Kevin, Steven and Richard Bunston, Terry and Lynn Westerdale, John and Judy Pearson.

Sympathisers included: Charles Tyers, Olive and Ernie Tyers, Barbara and Michael Morley, Sarah Fielding, Nicola Hopkins and family, Annie Fielding, Caroline Fielding, Paul Fielding, Stan Fielding, Jane Beasley and family, Ian, Sue Steele and family, Joan Steele and family, Linda Reeve, Ian Naylor and family, Anne Reeve, Sue Mears, Jane Collins, Doreen Wadkin, Dail Gibson, Steve and Christine Musgrove, the Jones family, Mr and Mrs Wise, Kath Dale, Amy Crisp, Adam Duff, Gill and Tony Earl, Ryan Orchard, Mrs P Blower and family, Mrs M Smith, R Sandall, B Middleton and family, Enid Smith and family, Doreen Wisdom and family, Mr R Norris, Mr P Norris, Des Taylor, Michael Taylor, Mike and Sally Dobson, Colin and Sue Howard, Ted and Linda Leighton.

Tracy, Steve and Logan Weemes, Joyce and Gerald Gray, Tony and Sylvia Garner (Blackstones Sports Club), Bet Vellay, Taylor family, Vincent family, Keith and Jenny Garner, May Hodgett, John and Geoff Stafford, Carol Mytton and Erwin (Stamford School kitchen), Jean and John Garfield, Olive Thorpe and family, Amy Munton, Pamela Baker, Bill Wiggett and family, Martin Bust, Lorrie Bust, Martin Richard.

The Padmore family, Margaret Bryan and family, Mrs Margaret Footit, Gill Morris (Christ Church keep fit), Peter Robinson, Ron Robinson, Shirley Glover, Marion Swain and family, Mrs Rosemary Vines and family, Jean Roddan, Samantha, Andrew and Renee, Anne Hedger, Laura Bailey, Jess MacMenemy.