Obituary: Judith Cooper

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Judith Cooper

JUDITH Cooper, of Princes Road, Stamford, died at the Sue Ryder Care Home, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough.

She was educated at Farnborough Hill Convent School for Girls and when she was younger worked as a curator for the Victoria and Albert Museum. Later she worked as a guide at Burghley House, Stamford.

She was a member of St Augustine’s Catholic Church and was a collector of antique porcelain.

Bereaved are her husband John Cooper, who she had been married to since 1959, and sons Marcus and Sam.

The funeral service took place at St Augustine’s Catholic Church, Stamford, the Rev Christopher O’Connor officiated, assisted by the Rev Stephen Dye.

Family mourners included: John Cooper (widower), Mrs Gaby Brachacka, Alexis Brachachi, Sam and Amie Cooper, Adam and Alexander Cooper, Marcus and Louise Cooper, Harvey Cooper, Rebeckha Cooper, Fran and Annie Kavanagh, James and Mary Cordeaux, Grace Cordeaux, Sammy and Felix Cordeaux, Joe and Belinda Jelf, Benita Jelf, Brian and Lesley Hayes, Decima, Oliver, Theo, Will, Mathew and Damion Hayes, Maj Miles and Armorel Lambert.

Sympathisers included: John and Maureen Fisher, Pat Spiers (representing Ishabel McGahn), Michael and Maureen Pring (family), Stephen and Elizabeth Bingham, Mrs Fiona Ruddle, David and Ros Nicol, Maj General Sir Michael Carleton-Smith, Lady Penny Francis, Tricia and Stuart Moor (Sir Charles and Lady Wolsey, Theresa and Hannah), Mrs Gill Sillars, Pat and Kevin Gallagher, Kay Jackson (sons), Ian and Mary Ford (family), Nia Duffy (CWL), James Napier (family), George and Felicity Stevenson (Robert and Julia Wood), Sir Patrick and Lady Walker, Ellen Hardie, Evylyn Cooper.

Charles and Rosalind Hussey (Hussey and Allen families), Terry Browning (Samson - dog), Mr and Mrs Roy Norman, Brian and Oonagh Walker, Mark and Yuko Swindells, Clare Humm, David and Mary Rowe, Eric and Madeleine Stanley, Dennis and Mary Smith, Steve and Julia Fraser (family), Mary Fenn, Marilyn Smith, Elaine West-Sadler, Ann Matthews (Mr and Mrs M Warby), Stella Chapple (John Chapple), Olive Vintner, Charles and Margaret Clark (family), Mr and Mrs Robert Shaw (Burghley House Guides), Jenny Nicholls (The Ark), Norman and Catherine Hazeldine, Carolyn Crookall (John Culverhouse and old Burghley team), Eric and Pat Melbourne, Terry Weaver (Pauline Weaver).