Obituary: Kenneth Northcott

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Kenneth Northcott died at The Cedars Care Home, Bourne. He was 93.

He was born into a large family at Plympton, Devon, and at the age of 20 joined the Royal Artillery, seeing action as a gunner and later a signals officer.

Due to his work he developed hearing problems which made it impossible to continue as a signals operator and he was then seconded as a batman to a senior officer.

After the war he worked as a book-keeper with EMI in Cricklewood, London.

Ken loved his work with EMI and through his work he was able to meet many of the stars associated with the company and the stage in the West End. While working for EMI he met Reg Green with whom he shared a lasting friendship and they moved to Bourne to be nearer Reg’s niece.

While in Bourne they worked tirelessly fundraising for charities, especially NSPCC and The Red Cross. Sadly Reg developed cancer in the early 1990s and his loss hit Ken very hard. However he was well supported by his friends.

In 2006, with failing health, he moved into The Cedars Care Home.

Mourners included: Michael and Francesca Williams, Louise Williams, Steve Woodman, Luca Williams, Michael Hibbins, Audrey Durno, Janet Stubbs, Maureen Hasbury and Helen Brewster (The Cedars), Celia Pearson, Merryn Woodland (Bourne Footlights).