Obituary: Kenneth Smith

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Kenneth Smith

THE funeral service for Kenneth (Ken) Smith, formerly of Hill Road, Oakham, took place at All Saints’ Church, Oakham.

A true Rutlander, he was born at Long Row, Oakham and when he married Irene moved to Hill Road, where he lived for 56 years, before moving to Rutland Care Home after becoming ill in the last few months.

He was a devoted husband to Irene to whom he was her carer for the latter part of her life.

Ken was a keen gardener and fisherman and enjoyed nothing more than to talk about the ones that got away.

In his early years he could be found marking out the football pitch for Oakham Parks, and on occasion running the line or even refereeing.

In later years he could be seen around the town in his mobility scooter, always having time to talk to anyone who had time to listen. Ken made many friends in Oakham and always had time for them. In the last few months, while living at Rutland Care Home, he made a few new and old friends.

Devoted to his family as they were to him, he will be missed dearly by his 11 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Family mourners included: Patricia Summers, Alison and Eric Bussingham, Christine and Richard Bowrey, Raymond Smith, Anthony and Christine Smith, Linda and Douglas Kidd, Graham Smith, Janice and Joe Phillips, Philip Smith, Nicholas Smith, Darren Smith, Martin and Sheila Smith, Dennis and Pam Smith, Derrick Smith, Peter and Sue Smith, Fred Durrant (representing Brenda and Raymond); grandchildren and great grandchildren - Sally Gardener (Kelly and Stacey), Sandra Seagrave (John, Andrew and Ben), Paul and Sue Bussingham, Emma, Mark and Craig Boddice and families, Sarah and Jonathon Newton (Phoebe and Dylan), Belinda Kidd (Paul Nichola and family), Becky Jones (Josh and Zac), Daniel, Nicola and Megan Smith, Alex Smith, Tomas and Emilly Smith.

Sympathisers included: Sue and Danny Newton (family), Claire Maxwel (Daniel and Luke), Malcolm Palmer (Trisha, Carly and Luke), Helen Nicholls (Kelly and Joan), Grace Bloxham (family), Barbara Bradshaw, Christine Gooloely, Kate Smith, Sue Moore, Roy Shields, Louise Harvey (Joan Shields), Claire Gardener, Don and Mildred Skillet, Ellen Frankling, Mark Snow, Sue Rimmington (Phil Jordan and family), Mrs Knowels, Betty Almond (Derreck Eldred), Paul Almond and family, Sheila and Reg Wadsworth, Mick, Brian and Irene Smith and family, Flo and Ces Measures (George Thorpe), Jim and Margaret Palmer and family, Malcolm Rawlings, Dick Gregory, George and Margaret Smith (John Towel), Martin and Jane Wade, Joyce and Stan Palmer, Barry Palmer, David Robinson, Peter, Mandy and Quinn family, Michael Gardener (family), Marjorie Thorpe (Mrs L Burton), Keith and Helen Freer, Charlie Clarke, Richard Bird, Audrey Reid (family), Andy Hill, Melvin and Mandy Ward, Gene, Trudy and family (Jackie and John Gregory), Doreen Rawlings, Malcolm Eldred, Mike Eldred, Margaret Thornhill, May and Jane Haliday, Clare Granger (Tesco), Kay Burton (family), Samantha Bussingham (Skye and Ross), Karen, Aaron Simpson (Mark and Carl Simpson), Phil Langston, Heather and Malcolm Newton, Chris Coles, Simon Hoy (family).