Obituary: Lucy Bright

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Lucy Bright

LUCY Bright died at her home in Manor Way, Deeping St James, aged 93.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, Ernest Fytche officiating.

Family mourners included: Joyce Eames, daughter (representing Caroline Eames), David Eames (grandson), Robert and June Berridge, Charles and Margaret Berridge, Graham and Stephanie Berridge, Francis and Vina Berridge, Alex and Linda Leverton, Rodney Groves, Mary Grummitt (Joe), Joanne Grummitt, Diana Hailey.

Sympathisers included: Janet Spicer, Mrs J Pell (Mrs K Brice) Christine Goodale, Mr and Mrs Tony Goodwin (Nicola and Fiona), Mr and Mrs A Price (Mrs Susan Lyon), Mick and Aletta Miller (Susan Lyon), Ruth Maltby, Janet and Bryan Herd, Sheila Wilkinson, Angela Bracewell and Christine Newton (Beeton family), Mr and Mrs E Smith (Sheila Clow), Eileen Perkins, Juliet Scorfiend and Maggie Peppercorn, carers; Avril Willis, David Lunn, Lewis and Denise Wilshere, Desiree and Michael Reeve, Doreen Whitaker, David and Linda Mann, Chris and Marilees Johnson.