Obituary: Lucy Young

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Lucy Young

LUCY Young, founder and proprietor of the catering business Lucy’s Kitchen, has died aged 53.

Lucy was born in Stamford, the third child of Peggy and the late Harry Palmer. She was educated at The Bluecoat and Exeter Schools and at Morcott Hall.

She left school with no formal qualifications and started work in the kitchens at Ketton Cement, where she learned the basics of cooking and large-scale catering. She seized the opportunity offered by redundancy to set up her own catering business, operating from the kitchen of her tiny cottage in Waterfurlong in Stamford.

At this time, Lucy also started her very happy married life with Nigel. She combined a real flair for good food, generous portions which never ran out, and business acumen inherited from her father. She had an ability to deal calmly with any difficulty or crisis and produced fantastic food even with the most limited facilities.

The business grew steadily by reputation (she never advertised), and eventually she and Nigel moved to Etton where they created a purpose-built kitchen. Lucy’s staff grew steadily as well, inspired by her hard work, enthusiasm and mischievous sense of humour and the business became a huge success.

Lucy’s Kitchen can number former PM John Major among its customers, having catered for him at his Huntingdon home, and at the House of Commons. She also described the day she provided canapés for Prince Charles and Camilla when they visited the newly restored Apethorpe Hall as ‘the pinnacle’ of her career.

Lucy’s successful formula is being carried on by her loyal team, and Lucy’s Kitchen continues to prosper, thanks to her inspiration and their hard work and dedication.

She lived life to the full and loved to be with her large family, often at Tallington Lakes, with food and fun playing a central role. She was a shameless matchmaker, and was delighted when friends she had introduced got together. She also loved horse riding and it gave her a great deal of pleasure to be involved with horses.

Lucy had an amazing ability to transfer her warmth and positivity to others. She was a vibrant and inspirational person who was a real role model of success to her family, friends and the people with whom she worked.

She is survived by her husband Nigel, Nicky, Charlotte, Adam and Leanne, mother Peggy, brothers Richard and William, sister Anna.

Family mourners included: Nigel Young, Charlotte Darroch, Sam Bainbridge, Karli Bainbridge (representing Keith and Freda Bainbridge), Adam Young (Ava and Ethan), Sarah Young (Christine and Norman Wolfe, Charlotte, Jason and Brandon), Leanne Pumpr (Freya Davies Pumpr), Guy Pumpr, Jordan Pumpr Davies, Nicole Brown, Geoff Brown, Jacob Miller, Fern Dolby, Saul Dolby, Joshua Brown, Peggy Palmer, Richard, Ade, Tom, Carolyn and William Palmer, Anna, Dick, Sophie and Harry Clarke, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Simon Palmer, Ryan Bennet, Kate Lacey, Lucy’s Kitchen girls - with the nicknames Lucy gave them:- Ali - Ali Bali; Tracy - Mrs R, Cheryl - Lolly, Mandy - Foxy, Ruth - Rootin Tootin, Margaret - Madgee Moo, Suzi - Suzi Wong, Trudi - Rhidian, Tanya - Tanski, Lorna - Baby T, Michelle - Michael, Joe - Ginger Joe, Julia - Ju Ju, Irish, Bev, Amanda, Danielle - Danni, Brenda - Bren, Julie - Me Julie, Sue/Sharon - Ketterings, Julie - Pink Lips, Lina - Leeeena.

Sympathisers included: lan Walters, Sheena and David (Etton), Debbie Moss (Lee Moss and Paul Pumpr), Cheryl McRoyall (Juliet and Richard Pumpr), Dusty and Eileen Miller (Stephen Miller), John and Bella Buttress, Carol Johnson, Nicky Beasley, Pasqualina Dennis (Ralph Dennis and Veronica Thurlby), Anna and David Markland, Philip Shotbolt (Dick Weed, Richard Weed, Robert and Jane Naylor), Mark Goodale, Zoe Nobbs (Laura Johnstone), David Nobbs (Jane Nobbs), Andrew and Mary Hoyle (Antonia and Chris Jost and Marcus), Neville, Pat and Stephen Tilley, Anne Jackson, Colin and Judith Jackson.

F Jackson, Susan Crowson, Adrian Crowson (Sue and Ben Crowson), Richard and Bunty Makey (Phillippa Morris and Chris MacGregor), Marion Crowson (Ivor Crowson, Mr and Mrs Martyn Bradshaw), Sue Young (Etton and Helpston Churches and Village Tribune), Deanne Wilks (Christene, Emma and Nathan Johnson), Julie Porter, Tony Fox, Pam Mead (Tony Mead and Ida Fox), Ted and Melanie Colston, Sheila Bratley (family, Birbecks and John and Mary Tanner), Virginia Measures (Holly, Emily and Grace Cole-Hawkins), James and Ruth Measures (John and Mary Richardson), Beverley Pell and Kimbillie Croucher (Priory Autos), Jimmy Croucher, Rose Marie Croucher, Alan Cliffe (Joan, Barry and Jane), Vida Laws, Sue Phillips (Howard and Antonia Phillips), June Spencer (John Spencer), Christine Brown (Keith Brown), Helen Hyde (Doug and Angela Hyde and Caroline and Nick Lawrence), Stuart Hallam (Heesun, Yerin, Jenifer and Peter), Caroline Treston (Barry, Rebecca and Stephane Trestan), Jane Tidswell, Kathryn Hardaker, John Musgrove (Priory Autos), Bob and Kathleen Woolley (Kingsgate catering team), All the Kingsgate Church and community, John Cross, Julie Mason, Andy and Sue Lamb, Kelvin Copp, Mick Bryan, T Couzens (Creeton shoot), Dick and Laura Leeton (Kate Scott and Lisa Mark), Derrick Bates (John Maddocks), Marilyn Bell (family and Vicki Heyden), Cindy Cottis, Laura Cottis, Malcolm Smith (Pam Smith, John and Judith Healey), Chris and Alison Dunn (Amy and Laura), Tessa Spry-Leverton (Harry, James and Jessica), Gemma Smalley (Rosie-Mae Croucher), Jim Meikle, Val Green (Angie Hilliard and Welland Ladies), Helen Drake (Gail Glynn, Yvonne Collins, Sue Gray and Welland Ladies), Lyn Bell and Sheila Harris (Welland Ladies), Jim and Sue Sharples, Marcus Pugh (Martin Crane, John and Bella Buttress and Stable Hire), Adria York, Juliette Taylor, Thelma Hallam (Ron), Joelene Sorbi, Jasmine and Josh Sorbi, John and Lynn Jaggard, John P Roberts (Lesley Fuller, David and Pat Williams, Elizabeth and Sarah, Judy Pike (Hannah and David Pike), John Laws, Ian Gilbert, Shirley and Bob Ireson (Geoff), Hilary, Dennis and Sarah Wilson, Teresa Caucutt, June Young (family), Michael and Eleanor Younghusband, Louise Strain, Andrew Makey (Pauline Makey), Robin Makey, Caroline Howarth, Caroline Strain (Bill Strain), Jane Hill (staff at Deeping Practice), Pauline and Rex Goose, Sue Gunn, Sarah Measures, Betty Beaumont, Stephen and Teresa Knipe, Caroline Boyfield (Yann and Emily Boyfield, Toby and Sharon Walker, Andrew and Rona Towell), Colin Young (family), Tracey and Nick Denton.

Mark Young, Tracey Giddings (Linda and Barbara Giddings), Peter Young (Nicki Townsend), Audrey Hinman, Emma Conby, Anthony Deane, Bridget Friend, Richard and Caroline Naylor (Chris and Mary Pitman and Adrian Tyler), Colin Lucy.

Alison Lynn (oncology ward Peterborough City Hospital), Catherine and Vicky Johnson, David and Avril Coddington (B T Carrick and Co), Rosemary Tredrea (Roger, Elaine, Andrew and Judy), Jim and Sheila Hartley (Bill and Anne Hartley and Margaret Wilson), Mary Sharpley (Andrew Sharpley), Mollie and Ewan Brown), Peter Sharpley (Lucy and Emma), Gemma Barnsley, Helen Coxen, Joan and Frank Thorley, Gail Clingo (Trevor and Josey Hollingshead), Tony Arden (Bourne District Kart Club), Michael and Hayley Pateman (Christine, Jim, Nathan and Emma Armstrong), Dot and Vic Charlesworth, Lynsey Neal, Mark Harvey (Marcus Neal), Mick and Carol Crofts, Lynne and Charles McLean, Judy and Dean Miller (Pauline Lees and Tony and Gary Rawlinson), Andy Rippon (Tracy Rippon), Tracey Porter (Rob Porter), Jockey Harris (Joyce Harris).

Sandra Jones (Ian, Chris and David and families and Market Deeping Cricket and Sports Club), Debbie Clark (Bill, Edward and Celia Clark), Tony and Sheila Garner (Speedy and Sue Bell), Caroline Alexandra (Fred Alexandra), Debbie Fry; Karen and Kevin Flynn and Molly and Lorraine Gray (Project One), Mark and Angela Davis, Ian MacNaught (Barbara), Sheila and Brian Robinson, Jacqueline and Natalie Baker, Johnny Pell, Georgia Newsam, Jean and Sue Addinell (Addinell family), Val and Martin Hopper, Joanne Brookes (Ewan Brookes and Georgia Tilley), Patrick and Barbara Knights (Barnack village and friends of Lucy), Louise Beney (Joshua and David Beney), Sally McDonald (Steve, Evie and Molly), Malcolm Morrice (Judith Morrice and Royal British Legion), Paul and Sheila Taylor (Peter and Dill Taylor), Carol Bunning (The Main Event), Mandy Sylvester-Smith and Jonathan Pearce (Sylvester family), Mick Garner, John Harrison (Kathy and the Hurdler), Mr and Mrs Bradbury (Mr and Mrs Kevin Wade), Tim and Glenda Ayliff (James and Charlotte Ayliff), Chris and Jackie Cramp, Jane Franks (Willie Franks, Mike and Alison Hindmarch, Hindmarch family and Bertie Fenner), Sue Carrick (Jenni Holden and Gill Douglas), Brian Carrick (Malcolm Brandwood), Mandy Thorpe (Welland Ladies netball), Ivor Young (family), Marcus and Kitty English (family), Mick and Linda Plant, Owen Thorley (Susan Thorley), June Musgrove, Tim Musgrove, Josie Smith (John Smith), Jeannie and Zoe Marsh (family), Deborah Harbour, Graham Groves (Craig Groves and family), Jane Davies, Helen Little, Ruth Dickens (Peter and Tina Stevenson), Jean Clancy (Vivienne and Joyce Cross).

Tony and Wendy Miles (Georgina Miles), Amanda and Lucy Holland and Steve Roberts (Valerie and Mick Kettleborough), James Darroch (family), Kane Horton and Laura Jean Spindell.