Obituary: Marc Hayre

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The funeral of Marc Hayre, 
39, of Meadow View, Stamford, took place at All Saints’ Church, Stamford, the Rev Mark Warrick officiating.

Interment followed at Stamford Cemetery.

Son of Janet and David Hayre, he was educated at St Georges School and Queen Eleanor School Stamford, and worked as an electrician before becoming a production worker. His hobbies included playing rugby and cricket.

Mark leaves his children Joshua and Bethan.

Family mourners included: Janet and David Hayre (parents), Joshua and Bethan Hayre, Ian Hayre, Sasha Griffiths, George Marvin, Josephine Hayre, David Marvin, Sharron and Maverick Hayre, Brian Marvin, Kayleigh Hayre, Christopher Hayre, Sue Smith, Barbara and Stephen Hayre, Melanie Marvin, Jayne and Rob Hayre, Jane and Stephen Saddington (representing Lynsey Kay Saddington), Lynn and Martin Hayre, Nancy Marvin (Linda), Ishea Wallace, Rob Hayre, Sue Smalley (Pat 
and John), Annamarie, Anthoney Hayre (Jeni 
Shannon, Faith, Olivia), Christine Thompson, Jon Hayre.

Sympathisers included: Julian Bunney (Jean and David Flynn), Chris McLaren (Chris and family), Anna Hayre, Rosie and Gary Shell, Kevin Vinter (Susan Vinter), Barbara Jones, Sue Jones, Maureen Worsdall, Mathew Worsdall, Deggy Palmer (Tracey and Richard Palmer), Chris Palmer, Roger Mills, Ed Flint (Dave Mann, Henry Flint), Gareth Roberts (family), Pete Ford, Pete Lewis (Maxine Lewis), Mark Collin, Kay Cooke, Steve Fawkes (Stamford Town Rugby Club), Andrew Jones (Alison Jones, Mark Watters, Grant McMurray), Pete Gilman (Rob Mac and family), Stephen Troth (family), Richard Olsen (family, Sasha, Harvey, Paul Farmer, Warren Whyte); Ian Halliday-Pegg, Steve Wilson, Martyn Jones, Neil Jolly, Derek Jones, Jai Nairn, David Jarvis, Gordon Brook and Brian O’Dea (Stamford Rugby Club); Mark Branson, Pip Warters (Andrew Forster), Sue and Bob Burton (Victoria and John Burton), Dave Rumbell, J McHugh (B Lonslow), Hazel and Peter Barber (Stamford District Crib League), Phil Morris (Hazel Morris, Stamford Dist Crib League), Jim Brader (Bob Cleveland, Andy Brader), Mel Humphries, Lilian Popple, Stuart Skinn, Lesley Poll (Bernadette and Timothy), Ray Bates (Stamford College Old Boys RFC), Mark Robson (family), Steve Mackiewicz, Darren Bentley, Fraser Simpson, Dazz Russel, Russell and Miranda Morley (Roberts family), Mary and Tony Pickford (SRUFC Maddie Pickford, Pat Clarke), Mark East (family), Sue and Andy Jones (Pete Bromley), Danny Lay, Jamie Lay, Lee Schofield and Bill Bull (Bradstone), Martin Steel (Bob Ambrose), Jon Edwards (SRUFC and Bradstone), D Sander (Darren, Steven, Margaret, Brian Sander), Scott and Julie Addison, Robin and Kathy Taylor, Phil Cross, Andrew Hearne, John Sears, Kevin Mullins, Matt Albinson.