Obituary: Margaret Burgess

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Margaret Burgess

MARGARET Burgess, of Lonsdale Way, Oakham, died at Peterborough Hospital, aged 71.

She was born into a coal mining family in Ashington, Northumberland, the second youngest of seven children, having five brothers and one sister. All of her family loved music and dancing and it was at a village dance that Margaret met Fred, who was serving at a nearby RAF station. Love blossomed and they married in 1961 prior to a posting to Cyprus where their two daughters Carol and Pamela were later born.

Fred’s next posting was to RAF North Luffenham, where the family set up home. Later Fred was posted overseas to Borneo, leaving Margaret to move into their new home in Oakham on her own with their two young girls. Soon after returning to the UK Fred left the RAF and their happy family life resumed. In 1969 Margaret gave birth to Craig to complete their family.

As the children grew up she took on several part-time jobs, one of which was behind the photographic counter at Boots the Chemist, which she loved, as she got to know so many people. She later worked in the cash office at the Co-op store in Burley Road and following retirement did voluntary work at the Cancer Research shop in Oakham.

Caravanning and walking were popular pastimes, and with Fred she visited many sites in France, Italy and Germany over the last 10 years, but the Lake District was always a favourite. She completed the ascent of several of Wainwright’s favourite mountains including Blencathra.

Margaret also found time to join the Rutland Musical Theatre group where she took part in many of their productions over a period of 15 years. More recently she took up bowls and soon became a regular member of the Greetham team in the Stamford league.

A loving wife, mother and grandmother, she is survived by her widower Fred, children, Carol, Pamela and Craig and grandchildren Grace, Chloe and Lily. Margaret touched all who knew her and is sadly missed.

The funeral took place at All Saints’ Church, Oakham, Canon Lee Francis-Dehqani officiating. Donations raised £748 for the Stroke Association.

Family mourners included: Fred Burgess (widower), Carol Burgess, Pamela Semp, Craig Burgess, Grace Semp, Chloe Semp, Lily Burgess, Michael De Bank-Burgess, Tony Pye, Ron and Ethel Routledge, Lawrence and Margaret Routledge, Colin and Madge Routledge, Brenda Routledge, Paul Routledge, Clare, David and Linda Burgess, Jimmy Andrews.

Sympathisers included: Pauline Adams (representing Richard Adams), F Ellis (D Leandro), Mr and Mrs David Newton, Mary and Peter Slater, Frances Baldwin, Anne Thomson (James Buxton), John and Marie Brown, Jenny Smith, Peter Townsend (Margaret Townsend), Peter Hart (Ivy Hart, RAFA, RAF, BEA), Brian Loader, Judith and Kent Robinson, Joan and Charlie Underwood (Gail Hunt, Jackie and John Underwood, Stamford and District Bowls League), Elizabeth and Martin Wallace (Di and Allan Millar), Bryan and Beryl Waites (Delia and Donna); Jim and Jo Tibbott, Bob Tacey and Malcolm and Sonia Sutton (RAFA Rutland), Eric and Joyce Dunkley, Colin and Diane Streatfield, Don Skillett (Mrs M Skillett), Stan and Gill Bruce, Mike and Jackie Vecqueray, Pat Rees (Peter and Jane Kinal), Emma (Paul Stafford), Mary, John, Paul, Kate Dawson, Dot Dickinson (Mike, Rutland Choral Society), Cara Walton (Peter and Laurie Walton), Joan Walton, Michael Walton (John-Luck Walton), George and Christine Grant (family), Claire Welsh, Darwin Wainwright (Phil and Orson Wainwright), Janet and Stan Blackford (Janet Christian, Stepping Out), Lyn Everitt (Joan Richardson), Jill Welsh (Claire and Phil, Orson and Darwin, Ian, Amy and Lola), Astrid Kuhn (Nigel Kuhn), Pam Gilbert, Yvonne Elliott (family), Jill Cunningham (Alan Cunningham), Jane Jones (Wendy Hone), Yvonne Smith (Gordon Smith, Greetham Bowls Club), John Thorpe (Jo Thorpe).

Malcolm Bull (Christine Bull), Martin and Suzanne Jeffery, Gordon Woods (Pamela Woods, Church of England Children’s Society), Elisabeth Smith, Janet Roach, Kelly Hughes, Hazel and Terry Jeffery (Lisa Roberton), Diane Thomas (Graham Thomas), Vaughan Gilbert (Ruth Gilbert), Maureen Dodds (Bev Dodds), Jackie Sellwood, Jill Ward (Gillian Hamblin, Nan Alexander), Moira Niedzwiecka (Lucy Bindloss), Julie Lewis (Linda Menzies), Matt and Natasha Brown (Brown and Jones Ltd), Peggy Perry, Audrey Austen, Christine Weston, John and Diane Creasey (Greetham Bowls Club), Ann and Les Cusdin (Exton Bowls Club), Mr and Mrs D High, Steven High, Chris Menzies, G High (Oliver, Julie, Richard-Neatfeet, Carole, Jo), Freda Shimwell, Sue Anderson (Margaret and Jeff Dale), Mrs P Jones, Colleen Hill (Tony Hill), Mike and Anita Newman, Wilfred Dalby (Michael and Jessy Evison), Alex and Barbara Watt (Ken, Jennifer Williamson), Annette Oliver, M Mills (Mrs J Mills, Mr B Lowe), Colleen and Geoff Kettle (Rosemary Roberts, David and Peggy Sillito), Heather and Richard Day, Chris and Peter Martin, Chris Jones (Derek), Jenny and Ian Craven.

Cecilia Ahi, Lynne Nicholls (John Rawlings), Brian and Isobel Cox (friends), Tony Gilbert (Greetham Bowls), Doreen Brown (family), Gary West, Liz Knight (Nick Knight), Janet and Philip Berridge, Andrina Hunwicks, Valerie Scott, John and Christine Hackett (Rutland Musical Theatre, Angela Smith, Brian Skevington), Ian and Jenny Craven, Christine Jones (Derek Jones), John and Janet Rogers, Jill and Peris Steen, Joyce Lucas (Robert Lucas), Jean Dixon (Kitt and Glenniss Albrighton), Di Toy (Mr and Mrs K Savage), Wendy Menderson Cancer Research UK (Malveena Jones), Ralph and Jane O’Donnell, Tony and Margaret Aris, Leslie and Pauline Wright (Erica), June Mead, Harry and Joan Baker (Shirley Stubbings, Ruth and Roger Rowell), Jill Davies, Mary Pell (Michael, Mark and Clare), Linda Barclay, Christine Rawlings (Olive March Smith), Don and Wendy Amphlett (Janet and John Locke), Patricia Proudman (Denis Proudman), Malcolm and Rita Stuart, Lillian and Duncan Burton (Violet Luckhurst, Neville and Pat Simpson), Maureen Hudson, Angie and Francis Humphreys (Rutland Scouting, RAFA), David Mould (Nicola Mould), Edna Barber (Margaret Dickinson), Bill Lucas (Pam Lucas), Stan and Janet Blackford, June and Stan Bell (Val Wilson), George and Sheila Ruff, Jane and Tony Cousins (Horseshoe Walkers), Sandra and Brian Shrive, Mailey Bettles, Elizabeth Beswick (Oakham Congregational Church Choir, Ruth Hardy), Roger and Lynda De Bank (Mr and Mrs Chris Wright (Miss Anika De Bank, Mr Nik Sirel), Ann Addison (Colin Addison, Tracey Griffiths, Sylvia Hall), Pat Evans (Mary Veitch, Carol Johnstone), Geoff and Barbara Atton, Duncan Manderson (RAFA), Mr and Mrs Robert Kirkpatrick MBE (Exton Bowls Club), Chris Howard (Lord Lieutenant Laurence Howard), Mr and Mrs D Bury, Sheila and Steve Brown, Brenda Weatherhogg, Rob Hutchins (Linda Hutchins), Rob Hutchins (Friday Walking Group), Janet Browne, David and Margaret Holmes, Steve Bent (Sue Bell, Alice Watts, Hayden and Pauline Crew).