Obituary: Margaret Pateman

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Margaret Pateman

MARGARET (Peggy) Pateman of Horbling, died after a long illness, at Gosberton House Care Home, aged 80.

Born in 1930, at the Shoffs, near Donington, Peggy was the second daughter of William and Elsie Creasey. She moved to Horbling, at the age of 7yrs, and stayed there for the rest of her life.

She was offered a place at Cowley’s Grammar School, but it was not possible for her family to accept it. Instead, in 1944, she entered domestic service, beginning with evening work before she left school. She worked for the six members of the Mann family at the Old Hall, now long since demolished, on Spring Lane in Horbling. She remained loyal to that family until the death of its last member, Ethel, in 1966.

Following this, she worked with her younger sister, Janet, for the Wootton family at Horbling Hall, and then with her older sister, Ena (since deceased), for the Allen family at Rookfield Farm, just outside the village.

For 73 years, Peggy was very much part of Horbling, as Horbling was very much part of her. She enjoyed the company and conversation of family, friends and neighbours all her life.

She married Bill, in 1949 and had two sons, Kenneth and Kevin. She was devoted to them, as she was to her grand-daughters, Katherine and Rachel.

Though the main focus of her life was family, Peggy had some outside interests. When younger, she played badminton and learned ballroom dancing, and she loved watching tennis on TV during Wimbledon fortnight.

She particularly enjoyed holidays and had a special love for the Yorkshire Dales where she and Bill went caravanning for 15 consecutive years. She also loved the excitement and adventure of coach holidays to Europe, on which she made many new friends.

In later years, she suffered from Parkinson’s disease but bore her illness and increasing disability patiently and without complaint.

The funeral service took place at St Andrew’s Church, Horbling, the Rev Alan Steel officiated, and Elizabeth Hill was organist. Interment in the churchyard followed. Donations were made to Gosberton House residents’ fund.

Family mourners included: Bill Pateman, Ken and Pam Pateman, Kevin and Wendy Pateman, Katherine and Rachel Pateman, Torsten Henricson-Bell, Philip Ward, Jack Creasey, Josephine Brothwell, Pat Creasey, Paul Creasey, Janet and Barry Hull, Will Creasey, Victoria Creasey, Neil Creasey, Suzanne and Rodney Clarke, Nicola, Heidi and Alice Clarke, Diane Clark, Charlotte Clark, Arthur Pateman (also representing Dora Pateman), Hensley and Dorothy Cole, Mavis and Geoff Wakefield.

Sympathisers included: Vicki Lowe, Jackie Vickers, Tina Clift, Edith Belham and Jean Caswell (all from Gosberton House Care Home), Mick Addlesee, Shirley and Peter Alder, Betty Beaumont (also representing Peter Beaumont), Judith Bee, Geraldine and Anthony Brady, Susan Bunker, Josephine and Richard Charity, Ann and Colin Clayton, Jane and Max Corney, Eveline Dawson (also representing David, Martin and Amrit), Pam Doughty, Yvonne and Ray Draper, Elizabeth and David Edwards, Maureen and John Edwards, Mavis Garrard, Jean and Gus Harrison, Ruth and Alan Hood, Michelle Howman (representing Andrew Pulfree), Beryl and Derek Jacobs, John Kime (also representing Sue Kime), Stephan Long, Jill and John Pickard, Toni and John Pittkin, Doreen and Gordon Richardson, George Rolt, Jackie and Ray Shelbourn, Cavan Short, Barbara and Ivan Spencer, Dorothy Thorpe, Les, Ron and Geoff Tindale, David Vickers, Janet Wesley (also representing Brian Wesley), Jill and John Wesley, Sharron White, Effie and Tony Worth, Vera and Ron Yates.